Sarah Ferguson returns to court (with the help of Camilla Parker Bowles). And Andrew of York is also trying…

The queen consort convinced Charles: Fergie the Red is rehabilitated, after Elizabeth's vetoes. And even her ex-husband plays his last card to return to having a public role

  sara-andrea-eugenie-beatrice-vintage-645 Andrew of York and Sarah Ferguson with their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie: the scandals are behind us. Almost... Photo Video

Now that Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are gone, many vetoes have been lifted. The family is more relaxed (apart from Harry's attacks) and there is someone maneuvering behind the scenes to reunite it. It is Camilla, queen consort, who has already completed her first mission: to reinstate Sarah Ferguson who had been banished from court for years – Photo | video

Sarah Ferguson speaks (again!) of Lady Diana: 'I know she is talking to me'. The video interview Sarah Ferguson speaks (again!) of Lady Diana: 'I know she is talking to me'. The video interview

Sarah Ferguson: 'I was Lady Diana's best friend' and on her ex-husband Andrew of York… – exclusive

THE PRIVILEGE OF HUNTING – Sarah and Camilla get along perfectly, they are two country ladies, who love horses and children. And it was thanks to the new sovereign that Fergie obtained an invitation to the Christmas celebrations at Sandringham, reserved for members of the royal family ( guard ). Prince Andrew's ex-wife not only stopped by for lunch, but also for all the other events, including the Boxing Day hunt on December 26, which was usually organized by Philip. The duke was a great critic of Fergie, he considered her vulgar and absolutely inappropriate. But Carlo and Camilla think differently.

Andrea di York avoids the trial for sexual abuse by compensating Virginia Giuffrè: she will pay over 10 million (and perhaps not him) – guard

FORGOTTEN SCANDALS – No one has forgotten the scandal of the toe sucked by the Texan lover by the pool in Saint Tropez in 1992. The photos, published by the Mirror, had been around the world ( guard ). And then there was the operation of the now defunct tabloid News of the World, which had caught the Rossa offering meetings and consultations with Prince Andrew in exchange for money. The queen and Philip had been particularly furious. But the king thinks that it is now water under the bridge and that Fergie has always been faithful to the royal family. In all these years he has never criticized or attacked the family, even though everyone had abandoned them. She and she has always remained close to Andrea, even during the pedophilia scandal. The two are divorced, but still live together at the Royal Lodge and Sarah is the only one able to get him over the deep depression he would have fallen into.

Lisa Marie Presley, her friend Sarah Ferguson is also at the funeral – guard

THE REVENGE OF THE YORKS – Together the Dukes of York, Sarah and Andrew, have been trying to find their way back to court for years. If she succeeded, he's still plotting. With the money inherited from his mother and obtained from the sale of his mountain chalet, he would like to reopen the case of Virginia Giuffrè, the woman who accuses him of rape and with whom he has negotiated compensation that could amount to 12 million euros. The prince would like to reverse the agreement and force Giuffrè to withdraw the accusation and apologize. In this way he could clear her name and maybe go back to playing a public role (despite Carlo having 'banned him forever' - guard ). An almost impossible scenario, as many lawyers claim, but which Andrea, who has always been detached from reality, believes is very real.
A hand was given to him by his former friend Ghislaine Maxwell, in prison for having procured underage girls to pedophile partner Jeffrey Epstein. In an interview from prison you said that Andrea never knew Giuffrè. And that photo in which she hugs her, right at Maxwell's house? A beautiful and good forgery, claims the condemned woman.