School, the Covid emergency is over: from September 1st, professors no vax will also be back in class

In the circular from the Ministry of Education it is emphasized that the 'emergency provisions in the school environment' will end on August 31: unvaccinated professors will be able to return to work

 Coronavirus; Cts for mask use in school No more masks between the benches, after almost three years ... Photo Video

Covid, the emergency in schools is over. If the provisions at the beginning of August in fact provided for the use of masks only for fragile subjects and those with colds for next September, a circular dated August 19 calls everyone into the classroom, including unvaccinated professors. Photo | video

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THE PROVISIONS - A document drawn up by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità at the beginning of the month had already almost completely canceled the emergency measures: the use of Ffp2 was indicated only in specific cases. Now, a circular dated August 19, reported by the Messenger, clarifies that 'from the reconstruction carried out so far it is clear that the aforementioned emergency provisions, at the date of writing in force in the school environment, expire their validity as of August 31, 2022 and, in the absence of further specific extensions or renewals, they do not extend their effects into the next school year 2022/2023 ”. So even janitors, administrators and novax teachers will be able to return to work.

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NEW WAVES - All this, except for new waves. In which case we will return to surgical masks or Ffp2 for students and Ffp2 for school staff. And then shifts in the canteen, break in class, a distance of one meter, suspension of trips, measures to avoid crowding in the common areas.

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