Serena Rossi, loose cannon: 'I too needed psychological support' - exclusive

The Neapolitan actress enjoys the success of the second series of Rai fiction. In addition, she sings, conducts, waits for Sanremo… and tells us exclusively about her dreams. Also on her marriage to Davide Devenire. 'But don't call me lady of fiction'

 serena-rossi-launch-cover-1920 Serena Rossi as you've never seen her on the cover of Oggi Photo Video

Serena Rossi collects record ratings with the second series of the fiction Mina Settembre, on Rai1. Plus she sings, conducts, waits for Sanremo. And she talks (at length) with the weekly Oggi on newsstands. To whom she reveals dreams. 'Cause she's a new star coming from the bottom and aiming very high – Photo | video

Serena Rossi and the wedding (cancelled): 'I have to do something big!'. Video interview Serena Rossi and the wedding (cancelled): 'I have to do something big!'. Video interview

Serena Rossi speaks: 'Me, marriage, another child and... those kisses that embarrass me' – exclusive

The cover of Today on newsstands

 !P!Oggi!IS!0041.2022!N!41 COVER!E!.pdf “WE DO NOT EXAGERATE” – With Mina Settembre 2 she won over a 28 percent share and 5 million viewers, but in an interview with Oggi on newsstands she rejects the definition 'Lady of fiction': 'Perhaps the young lady. Let's not exaggerate.' Serena Rossi tells for the first time of when she, going through a difficult period, asked for psychological support, as her character does in the series. «It happened in the past, when, in 2009, I moved from Naples to Rome and left my parents' house with the certainties of her and the soap Un posto al sole. The discomfort I felt, the difficulty of growing up, the fear of the future prompted me to ask for help. I felt I needed some guidance. Sometimes it's enough to talk to a friend, sometimes not'.

Serena Rossi triumphs on TV and in the family: laughter, shopping, kisses… – exclusive

“MARIAGE IN FAMILY” – Serena Rossio also confides in Oggi desires and hidden sides of herself. Like these: 'Going to the next Sanremo Festival would be a dream come true,' says Serena, who is linked to the actor Davide Devenire with whom she had a son, Diego, in 2016. And she reveals emotions and regrets. In the first of her puts the birth of her son. 'Thinking about it still gets me excited.' And she regrets not having been close to her grandfather when she was ill: 'It made me suffer the idea that he was not well and there was always a reason not to go to him'. The family always comes back in her speeches, she too remembering her when as a little girl she sang with her dad in clubs and at wedding parties. On the much-discussed future wedding with Davide Devenire she says: 'If we do it, it will be a family wedding: me, Davide, Diego, the parents'.

Serena Rossi and her boyfriend Davide Devenire, a sea of ​​love and kisses in Taormina – exclusive

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