Sergio Mattarella has Covid, but the Quirinale reassures the Italians: 'It's asymptomatic'

Few lines of fever for the President of the Republic, who has already done the fourth dose of the vaccine. Skip the next commitments. The hypotheses on the contagion: the meeting with the Regions, the ceremony at Bocconi or the evening at La Scala

 Scala: Meloni, I'm curious, it's my first time Sergio Mattarella, 81, at the premiere of La Scala in Milan Photo Video

Sergio Mattarella has Covid. The President of the Republic, in his second term, is 81 years old and has already taken the fourth dose. From the Quirinale they reassure: he accuses only a few lines of fever. And they say: 'The president is essentially asymptomatic and continues to take care of his duties, even if isolated in the apartment'. Photo | video

Giorgia Meloni at the premiere of La Scala with her partner Andrea Giambruno Giorgia Meloni at the premiere of La Scala with her partner Andrea Giambruno

Giorgia Meloni with her partner Andrea Giambruno, Rocio Munoz Morales (without her husband Raoul Bova), Sergio Mattarella greatly applauded: the Prima della Scala is a show - guard

SKILLED COMMITMENTS - The first wishes for a speedy recovery came from Giorgia Meloni and, subsequently, from the government and the main political exponents. Due to the contagion, Mattarella will miss his next commitments, which should have seen him at a conference on the future of Europe together with the Vatican secretary of state Pietro Parolin and at the inauguration of the academic year of the joint police school. Obviously today's meeting of the Supreme Defense Council has also been postponed.

Maxima of Holland, queen of jewels: receives Sergio Mattarella with a tiara from a thousand and one nights - guard

THE HYPOTHESIS OF CONTAGION - Now the question arises where the President contracted the coronavirus. There are those who hypothesize the premiere of La Scala. But, among the people alongside him on the occasion, Giorgia Meloni has only one flu and Ignazio La Russa, who underwent a swab, tested negative. No symptoms even for the president of the European commission Ursula von der Leyen. The Corriere della Sera contacted the other guests close to Mattarella during the evening: the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana and the vice president of the Constitutional Court, Daria De Petris. And they are all in good health. Leafing through the presidential agenda, the contagion could have occurred at the Conference of the Regions in Monza or at the Bocconi University ceremony.

Sergio Mattarella, the sympathetic and polite nod to the cameraman who appears in front of him - video