Shakira and Gerard Piqué: there is an agreement on the children Milan and Sasha, the one on the assets is missing

After long and 'crowded' negotiations (there were also the respective lawyers) which ended at dawn, a decision was reached. That's who the kids will be with. And where are they going to live?

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There is a ray of sunshine in the dark story of the divorce between Shakira and Gerard Piqué: after 12 hours of close and crowded negotiations (there were also the respective lawyers: Pilar Mañé, for the singer; Ramón Tamborero, for the ex footballer ), the former spouses have agreed on the most thorny issue: custody of their children Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7. Now the legal teams will be able to concentrate on the other very delicate issue: the division of assets – Photo | video

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A MIAMI - The meeting took place in Esplugues' former family home, now occupied by Shakira and the children. And almost at dawn, they inform The newspaper and The vanguard , it ended like this: Shakira will go to live in Miami with her two children and Piqué, who finally gave in, will be able to visit them whenever he wants. The former Barcelona stopper has just said goodbye to football, he doesn't lack time and money. But for plane tickets – obviously first class – he will be able to resort to a kind of common fund also fueled by Shakira.

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MOVING AFTER CHRISTMAS - Shakira and her children will only move to Florida after Christmas. Everything, the lawyers warned the many reporters who flocked to Esplugues, will be explained in detail in a joint statement. “The important thing is that you know that we are done and that both sides are happy. We all worked very hard,” conceded Pilar Mañé.