Shakira speaks for the first time about the breakup with Gerard Pique

The pop star confides in Elle. And she does not hide the suffering and difficulties (especially in protecting her children). But the desire to fight has not lost it. And not only against the former partner ...

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Four months ago, Shakira and Gerard Piquè communicated to the world that they were no longer a couple. Since then, Shakira has been chased - and in some cases persecuted - by fans, paparazzi, journalists (plus the Spanish tax authorities, but that's another story). But no word had escaped her about the end of the love story with the Barcelona player. - Photo | video

Gerard Piqué forgets Shakira. Clara has been there for months. The player would also have introduced her to her children - guard

REVELATIONS - Now Shakira has decided to speak. With She : more than an interview, a psychoanalytic session, with little reticence. “It is probably the darkest stage of my life”, is the premise of the pop star who, unlike her ex-partner (who runs quietly with Clara Chía), has not yet rebuilt a love life. All her energies are focused on her children Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7.

Shakira without peace, after the separation from Gerard Piquè, now faces 8 years in prison - guard

DIFFICULT TO PROTECT THEM - Shakira says: “I have tried to hide everything from my children, I continue to do so and to protect them, because it is the number 1 mission of my life. But at school they listen to things, they are 'hit' by unpleasant news and this hurts them '. The Colombian singer also dwelt on the beginning of the story with Piquè: 'I put my career in the background and I came to Spain, to support him so that he could play football and win titles. It was an act of love '. She added that thanks to this “sacrifice” Milan and Sasha had a very present mother and this created “an unbreakable relationship between mother and children, which gives us a lot of strength”.

Shakira wants to leave Barcelona: the fault of two stalkers and… Gerard Piqué - guard

BUTTONED – At the end of the story it was more buttoned up. The wound is too fresh, the anger perhaps too great. And speaking of anger, Shakira keeps some for the tax fraud trial that awaits her in Spain (the Tax authorities asks for 14 and a half million euros). The singer refused the deal and will go to trial. “It's a matter of principle,” she says.