Silvia Slitti against Ambra: 'I'm disgusted, she is illegally occupying my house'

Pazzini's wife lashes out on Instagram against the X Factor judge. Who does not leave the Milanese apartment that Allegri had rented for her (until June). So, 'I have to stay in the hotel and she in my house: absurd!'

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On Ambra Angiolini he had stopped blowing the breeze of gossip: his professional rescue - or the participation as a judge in X Factor - and the passage of time had buried all the media can-can following his tumultuous separation from Max Allegri. Now, however, Silvia Slitti, wife of former footballer Giampaolo Pazzini and event organizer (with specialization in luxury weddings), gets to throw Ambra back into the fray. - Photo | video

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SOCIAL ANGER - In her Instagram stories, a rather angry Slitti says: “We cannot enter our house and in the meantime we see this person manifesting serenity, joy and smiles on TV. Bastard fate ”. On Instagram, Slitti never mentions the name of 'this person' who would be occupying the (Milanese) house without a title. But in her outburst, Pazzini's wife sows many clues, and all of them lead to Amber.

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DEMORALIZATED - Slitti, who says she feels 'powerless, demoralized and frustrated', speaks of a person 'known on the big screen, who boasted years of conducting, cinema, music, an illustrious past and a reputation that was always defended by the sword' who needed a favor. But after ten months, her 'familiar face' did not leave the house. So, explains Ms. Pazzini, “we looked for a meeting point, because we wanted to go back to our house, also because it wasn't people with physical or economic problems that couldn't leave”. No way. The Pazzinis then turned to a lawyer.

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DECISIVE CLUE - So far the clues have been rather vague, or at least not decisive. Then, after a fairly indicative “here the music is at home” (reference to X Factor ), the lunge has arrived, that is the slavish quotation of Ambra's hit I belong to you : 'A well-known song', Slitti vented, 'she says '... and if I promise then I keep ...' Often people promise but they don't keep anything'. The house in question would be the one that Ambra had rented in the Moscova area to go and live with Max Allegri. This has never happened, because the Juventus coach ended the relationship without giving explanations.

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THE INTERVIEW - Then, however, Slitti decided to clarify things, and to name the names, indeed the name. Via Instagram you granted an interview to Selvaggia Lucarelli, who published it in Domani. 'In June, when the contract was almost over, I started wondering why he didn't move ... At first they were excuses for the fact that he had so much work, that he couldn't leave, that he was asking for the favor of staying ...', explains Slitti. In the folds of her story, there is also another legal battle, the one between Allegri and Angiolini. The house, explains Slitti, who had gone to live by the sea with her family during Covid, 'had been taken by her ex partner with her, so I started asking him how to do it ... lawyers of the former partner and her since Ambra decides to assert her personal motivations against Allegri in relation to what she expected from him… ”.

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TAKE EMPATHY - And while her lawyers are also warming up - in the meantime we have arrived in August - Ms. Pazzini takes the initiative: 'I am looking for your number and I write you a long message in which I tell you that I am sorry for how things went and that surely it will have its reasons, but that is my home and I work in Milan, my son wants to go back to his house when school starts again and I don't sleep there at night ”. Ambra reacts with empathy, even if Slitti will discover that it is simulated: 'She calls me in the afternoon saying she is delighted to have the opportunity to explain to me .. she tells me that she is away, that she doesn't know how to move, that her daughter is there to study and a sea of ​​other things. She cries, she mortifies herself ”. And Slitti is moved: “I give her another month and I tell her: I give you the symbolic date of September 15th! School starts on September 15th and I have to go into my house… She swears that by September 7th she will leave me home ”. She promises her, but she doesn't keep it.

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'DON'T CARE ME' - Because the end of August arrives and, the wedding planner reveals, 'her assistant calls me, tells me not to bother Mrs. Angiolini, who is very busy and that I must understand that she has no time to deal with a move except in several months but not within the year. I was on a bicycle .. she takes me badly, I start to cry and repeat in a loop that this is my house ”. Then Silvia starts the counterattack: “I begin to warn everyone that in fairness I will wait for the famous date of September 15th and then I will tell everything… But nothing. She goes on TV and starts singing 'I promise and then I keep' ... And well I'm going out of my mind '. Hence the decision to 'sing' her too, first on Instagram, then on Domani. Slitti “clears” Allegri: “he is super available, he has always paid for the duration of the contract, except that the contract was until June 30th. We are on September 21 and I have to stay at the hotel. Me in the hotel and she in my house, absurd ”. No reply came from Ambra, except a generic one: 'It's a bad story, there are lawyers involved, I'm not used to making a mess on social media'.