Silvio Berlusconi in video from the San Raffael: 'In a suit and tie after a month'

The Forza Italia leader, still hospitalized, appears at the party convention: “A few nights ago, I suddenly woke up with a question in my head that I couldn't get rid of. ‘What am I fighting for here?’”

  silvio berlusconi Silvio Berlusconi came out of intensive care on 17 April Photo Video

Silvio Berlusconi appears again in a video. He does it in connection from San Raffaele, where he has been hospitalized for over a month, with the Forza Italia convention in Milan: 'Here I am, I'm here for you, for the first time in a shirt and jacket in over a month'. photo | video

Silvio Berlusconi in the hospital, the long embrace between the children Silvio Berlusconi in the hospital, the long embrace between the children

Silvio Berlusconi, the immagini mai wears the (quasi) marriage with Marta Fascina – guard

THE RETURN OF THE KNIGHT - Sitting at a desk, two copies of one of his books in front of him, a glass of water, his voice sometimes tired: this is how the Knight appears on video, when a standing ovation is given to him. Since April 5, Berlusconi has in fact been hospitalized at San Raffaele for pneumonia added to chronic leukemia. After nearly two weeks in intensive care, he returned to the ward on April 17. But he still can't leave the hospital. But he wanted to demonstrate to his constituents that he was still strong: 'It is the first time that he has worn a shirt and jacket since I was hospitalized'.

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WHAT DO I DO HERE? - The Forza Italia leader explains: “A few nights ago, here at the San Raffaele, I suddenly woke up with a question in my head that I couldn't get rid of. 'But why am I here? What am I doing here? What am I fighting for here?' Near me my Martha was watching. I asked her the same question too. 'Why we are here?'. And she said to me 'We are here because you have worked so hard, you are working hard to save our democracy and our freedom'. And I want to remind you of this, I also want to tell you what I have thought and gone through, even though I know that doing so will really excite me”. So, here is the story of her descent into the field, almost 30 years ago.

Silvio Berlusconi in hospital: 'He sat down, but still can't get out of bed' - X Gossip guard

WE ARE LAY SAINTS - Three decades later, he believes his party is still fundamental: “We are the essential and loyal pillar of this majority, we are the backbone of this government. This is why we are in the field, to ensure that his decisions are truly correct, fair, balanced… No one will be able to defeat us, you will see that the Italians will consider us their lay saints, the saints of their freedom and well-being. I will be with you with the same enthusiasm and commitment as in 1994, the future belongs to our ideas, the future must guarantee us true and complete freedom'.

Silvio Berlusconi comes out of intensive care - guard

EMOTIONAL SPEECH - For the coordinator of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani 'only a great man, a great statesman, a great political leader after a month of hospitalization has the strength to address his family, to Italy with a message that will vindicate our identity. The effort he made, after a month of hospitalization, to stay with us demonstrates his human greatness and the fact that he is a statesman, a great leader, he is not only our leader but much, much more . His message will be very emotional from all points of view ”.

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