Silvio Berlusconi, kidney problems under control: 'I'll make it this time too'

The former premier is still in intensive care, but the disease is treatable, family members are 'more relieved'. And he sends a message: 'It's hard, but I'll make it this time too'

 silvio-berlusconi-dead Silvio Berlusconi, 86 years old, fights against chronic leukemia Photo Video

Silvio Berlusconi's conditions are slightly improving: the chronic leukemia he has been suffering from for over a year is treatable and even his kidney failure is now under control. Family members feel 'more relieved' after the initial scare. And the former prime minister sends a message to everyone: 'It's tough, but I'll make it this time too'. - photo | video1 | video 2

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THE CURE - To lower the number of white blood cells, the Knight is given a pill, which causes neither hair loss nor nausea. He continues antibiotics for the pneumonia and the kidney problems that were of great concern have now stabilized. There is a cautious optimism in those around him. It is not known how long he will have to stay in intensive care, in an isolated box in pavilion Q on floor -1 of the San Raffaele, under the watchful eye of his trusted doctor Alberto Zangrillo, head of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, and Fabio Ciceri, head of Hematology, bone marrow transplantation and oncohematology.

Silvio Berlusconi hospitalized in intensive care. Zangrillo: “Pulmonary infection and chronic leukemia

THE DISEASES - It had all worried a little to see family and lifelong friends hurrying to visit him. But even in the past, Berlusconi has surprised everyone: as in June 2016, after the open-heart operation from which he recovered perfectly. Or even after Covid, September 2020, when he declared: 'Thanks to heaven and the professionalism of the doctors, I have passed what I consider the most dangerous test of my life'. Brother Paolo, coming out of the hospital, now says: “He is resting. We are more relieved, there is an improvement. We are aware that he is being cared for in the best possible way and therefore we are confident ”. A fan of him, who also got a tattoo of the Knight, came from Puglia only to support him morally. His name is Marco Macrì and he says to Corriere della Sera : 'I was on holiday. Even if it's Easter I leave the family... even if she were at the North Pole because there is no one like Silvio. It has always been a point of reference”.

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BERLUSCONI'S WORDS - And Berlusconi has also entrusted his message to Newspaper , the family newspaper recently handed over to the Angelucci family: “It's tough, but I'll make it this time too. I managed, even in difficult and delicate situations, to retreat up. I'll make it'.

Silvio Berlusconi and his 17 grandchildren - guard