Simone Rugiati and Claudia Motta, love is already over! There is a third wheel…

The chef and the former Miss Mondo Italia have split. And to think that just a few weeks ago, while she was participating in the Island of the Famous, he had dedicated a video to her that was dripping with tenderness and passion. The rumors say that behind the crisis there is the shadow of an actor (already engaged)

 rugiati-motta-fine-love Chef Simone Rugiati with Claudia Motta: they (already) broke up Photo Video

The love story between chef Simone Rugiati and the beautiful Claudia Motta, the former Miss Mondo Italia, is already over. A veritable riot of feelings evaporated into thin air in the space of an amen. Just a few weeks ago Rugiati in a video that made romantic souls dream of chasing Prince Charming ( guard ), he had gone wild in a declaration of love and esteem for his fiancée who at that moment was on the Isola dei Famosi and had hurt herself by falling on the rocks. In these hours, however, she has made the break official and he looks sadder than ever - photo | video

Simone Rugiati and Claudia Motta, love ended: he doesn't give up Simone Rugiati and Claudia Motta, love ended: he doesn't give up

Simone Rugiati and the declaration of love for his girlfriend Claudia Motta, forced to retire from the Isola dei Famosi - guard

SHE ACCUSES HIM OF TALK A LOT AND DO LITTLE – The fear caused by Claudia's accident was such that Rugiati had decided to break the delay and come out by speaking publicly for the first time about his relationship with the beautiful castaway: 'I can't stand being without you, I you've been missing since you went away. You made me better, I never realized I was so in love in my life.' Her words from Cupid that struck Rugiati's followers. When she suddenly returned from the Island of the Famous after the injury, something happened. A few days ago there had been an exchange between the two that now sounds sinister, a long-distance question and answer that says a lot. Rugiati had posted a story on Instagram with a disgust emoji next to that of a little angel. Shortly after, Claudia Motta's story arrived: “I've heard oceans of words. Seas of speeches… I would have been satisfied with a puddle of facts”. Then silence and the definitive welcome.

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HIM: 'I PAID HIGHLY' – Rumors had been circulating for days that the couple was in crisis due to a 'third wheel', an already engaged actor whose name has not yet been mentioned (he could be called Giorgio). Why he popped up just now and why so suddenly, is to be discovered. Meanwhile Simone, always on Instagram, regrets: 'Using social media in a difficult moment was a mistake that I paid dearly for,' she tells her followers.