Sinisa Mihajlovic insulted by the haters. The anger of his daughter Viktorija: 'I am ashamed for you'

Criticism of the keyboard lions coach targets his health and family. And Viktorija doesn't like it: “I don't accept it anymore. What you write is creepy, remember that we are talking about a man, a father '

 mihajlovic sinisa e viktorija Sinisa Mihajlovic and the figure Viktorija Photo Video

The Bologna coach criticized on social media after the disappointing start to the season, is also insulted with horrendous statements on the private side. And the daughter Viktorija goes on a rampage: 'I'm ashamed for you.' - Photo | video

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INSULTS - Sinisa is fighting two battles. A sportswoman, on the playing fields, who sees her Bologna only two points in four days. It happens, football is also like this. The other challenge, much more important, is the one that the former champion continues to pursue against leukemia, which he has already beaten once. The point is that the keyboard lion attacks against him did not aim at his work, but touched his health and family.

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SHAME ON YOU - To which Viktorija lost her temper and made a story on Instagram addressing her father's haters directly: 'I never write these things on social media, I never wasted time with people hiding behind a keyboard to vent all their frustration. . But I believe that when the limit is reached and even exceeded, something must be said. I don't find it right to mix work with private life. Do you want to insult my father from a business point of view? You are absolutely free to do so. God forbid. But when it comes to family, health and many other things I've read, no. I don't accept it anymore. What you write is creepy, remember that we are talking about a man, a father. Remember that there are guys involved who might read what you write and be impressed by it. And I am ashamed for you ”.