Ski mountaineer killed by an avalanche in Trentino, she had escaped the one on the Marmolada

Arianna Sittoni swept away in Val Orsera together with a hiking companion who survived. Difficult recovery operations due to weather conditions. In July, the young woman had written on social media: 'The mountain is not commanded, sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time'

 arianna-sittoni-valanga Arianna Sittoni was 30 years old

They had decided to climb to high altitudes to practice ski mountaineering and enjoy the panoramas of Val Campelle, on the Lagorai chain in Trentino, but once they reached 2100 meters an avalanche swept them away in Val Orsera (a side of Val Campelle) killing Arianna Sittoni, 30, from Viarago di Pergine and injuring his excursion companion, 46-year-old Guido Trevisan, a resident of Pergine Valsugana.

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THE ALARM – The alarm went off in the early afternoon when Alice Dassatti, Trevisan's wife, called the Borgo Valsugana carabinieri station, alarmed by her husband's delay. The Alpine Rescue, the Carabinieri and the firefighters, as well as the 118 rescuers, immediately took action, with the use of drones, in an attempt to identify the two hikers, but it was the air rescue that discovered her completely covered from the snow and now lifeless, he only half, serious but still conscious and with only a broken leg. The rescue maneuvers were not easy and it was necessary to reach Trevisan with snowmobiles and then transport him on foot to the Malga Caldenave refuge.

Marmolada, 7 victims and 5 missing. The manager, the guide, the mountain enthusiast... that's who they were - guard

THE OMEN – Trevisan is an entrepreneur who manages the Malga Caldenave refuge upstream of which the avalanche was generated and which in 2020 had another structure of his, in Pian dei Fiacconi, destroyed by an avalanche. Arianna Sittoni at the beginning of July had published on her Instagram profile, as the Veneto Courier , a post that now almost takes on the meaning of a sad omen. A few days had passed since the Marmolada tragedy, in which the detachment of a serac had caused eleven victims and Arianna wrote: 'We were right there, south of the Marmolada, unaware of everything we climbed that wall while on the other side a huge piece of the cap was detaching, taking everything and everyone with it, so close but so far away”. And then: 'You don't command the mountain, sometimes you are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time'.

Avalanche on the Marmolada, request for the investigation to be closed: 'The event was not foreseeable' - guard