Sofia Goggia wins for the fourth time: the downhill World Cup is hers

Mathematical certainty for the blue famous for his performances bordering on the impossible

 Goggia Sofia Goggia at Kvitfjell in Norway: she triumphs for the fourth time Photo Video

Sofia Goggia takes home the fourth cup: the blue, in Kvitfjell in Norway, takes home the downhill World Cup. She had already won, to the applause of the Italians, 2018, 2021 and 2022. The certainty is given by mathematics, even if she technically finished second behind the Norwegian Kajsa Vickhoff Lie. - photo, the Beijing company / video

Sofia Goggia celebrates the medal at the Beijing Olympics: 'This is quicksilver!'. Watch the video Sofia Goggia celebrates her medal at the Beijing Olympics: 'This is quicksilver!'. Watch the video

Sofia Goggia heroic, wins with a broken hand - look

THE HOT COMMENT – “I don't know if due to the wind or something else the curve in the upper part that I've always done very well wasn't perfect – commented Goggia -: from then on I had to chase, but the goal was achieved. Despite my discontinuity, it's four cups, three in a row ”, said the blue that she obviously would have liked to bring home a pure victory.

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THE POWER OF WILL ABOVE EVERYTHING – The blue is now famous for its ability to face and, above all, to win, when everything seems lost and anyone else would give up. Only three months ago, in December 2022, it was won the St. Moritz downhill skiing with a fractured hand with a time of 1'28''85. At the end of the race, the athlete had said: “I tried skiing in a free field and I realized that I could lay flat and be fast. I felt happy. Of course, then some doubts took over, but I said to myself a very simple thing: Sofia, if you can stay on skis as you know how and manage the hand situation, you can do it'. And so it happened. And it wasn't the only incident for her as she also said:  'If last February in Beijing I competed in an Olympics on one leg, even winning a silver medal, what could it be to compete with a broken hand ?”.

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THE ALL-TIME RANKING: The mathematical certainty of success came to her even before getting on the track in the Kvitfijell descent. In the all-time rankings, Goggia equals the Swiss Michela Figini and the German Katja Seizinger. Overtaken by the Austrians Renate Goetschl (with 5) and Annemarie Moser-Proell (with 7), the American Lindsey Vonn (with 8). The overall 2022-2023 World Cup is in the hands of the American Mikaela Shiffrin.