Sofia Hellqvist and Carl Philip of Sweden, double face couple: they are perfect at the gala and also… at car races

The couple makes a great impression at the representation dinner at the Royal Palace. But after three days, he rumbles in his Porsche, she cheers from the stands. With two tender little princes and King Carl Gustaf in casual attire

 Carl Philip and Sophia of Sweden 1920 Sofia Hellqvist and Carl Philip of Sweden, fairytale princes Photo Video

No one, in any realm of Europe, is like them: Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist are versatile, beautiful, perfect for any occasion. Take this week. First they attended, with an elegance that refers to fairy tales and a great show of crowns and insignia, the representation dinner given by King Carl Gustav at the Royal Palace (Kungliga slottet). Everyone was there, Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling in the lead, but none had the class of princes Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist – Photo | video

Sofia Hellqvist dares and shows off an eccentric skirt (maybe too much) Sofia Hellqvist dares and shows off an eccentric skirt (maybe too much)

Sofia Hellqvist rocks at Funkisfestivalen. And the royals are shaking for the Swedish version of The Crown – guard

EXPERIENCED PILOT - Three days go by, and here he is, Carlo Filippo, in his racing suit driving his Porsche Carrera in the Scandinavian Cup. On the grandstands and in the paddock of Mantorp Park (south-west of Stockholm circuit), cheering and taking photos they are his wife Sofia with little prince Julian in her arms, while the eldest son Gabriel is watched over by King Carlo Gustavo, who sports a red jacket for the occasion. Copied, in the chromatic choice, from Gabriel. But Carlo Filippo is not only the prince of fairy tales. He is also fast.

Sofia Hellqvist and Carl Philip of Sweden, the second child was born. Mother and child are well and the prince… does not hold back his joy – guard

VICTORY - Because he wins the race and gets on the top step of the podium. The first who comes to celebrate him, jumping into his arms, is the little prince Gabriel. Then Sofia and Julian also arrive. The picture is composed, the photo is perfect. Like this couple.

Sofia Hellqvist pregnant, short floral dress with exposed baby bump. And Charles Philip of Sweden melts for her… – guard