Sofia Hellqvist out of place at the Funkisfestivalen. And the royals tremble over the Swedish version of The Crown

The princess sports a three-tiered skirt with a high waist. Smiles while King Gustav of Sweden and the royal family are very tense for a TV series that will tell their story: vices and virtues

 sofia-helqvist-​​funkisfestivalen Sofia Hellqvist moans al ​​Funkisfestivalen Photo Video

Sofia Hellqvist, wife of Prince Charles Philip of Sweden, dares and doesn't get it right. Invited to award the winner of the twelfth edition of the singing competition, for the record won Daniel Ousback of Skovde, she shows up with a very flashy satin skirt. Meanwhile, nervousness grows in the Swedish royal house for a series that takes its cue from the English The Crown – photo | video

The Funkisfestivalen was held at the Stockholm Waterfront, after two years of fully digital broadcasting. And she had Princess Sofia as a presenter who arrives in a black Volvo and as she gets off she amazes everyone with a long light blue skirt printed with three flounces of the same fabric. The former model chose the high-waisted skirt combined with a black sweater with a porthole neckline.

Victoria of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist host for the gala dinner at the Royal Palace: it seems to be in a fairytale - guard

THE SERIES THAT MAKES THE KING LOSE SLEEP - While in Stockholm we smile at the palace there is tension. In fact, the filming of the Swedish version of The Crown. It is not a Netflix production, but the goal is to tell the story of the Royal Family of Sweden. It will be broadcast on Tv4 and it is possible that it will cross national borders. And someone in the palace has lost sleep.

Victoria of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist, princely dress and tiaras challenge at the king's gala dinner - guard