Sonia Bruganelli speaks: 'Paolo Bonolis and I live apart: I'm rearranging my new home ...'

The three children who grow up. “The nest that empties”. The decision to return to GfVip “in this difficult moment”. The businesswoman most targeted on her social networks reveals how things really are between her and her husband

  bonolis-bruganelli-interview-2022bis Sonia Bruganelli and her husband Paolo Bonolis, a 20-year-old blackberry and three children Photo Video

Sonia Bruganelli faces head on the increasingly insistent rumors of crisis with her husband Paolo Bonolis. And she doesn't use half words, as she always does on social networks to respond poisonous to those who accuse her of flaunting her wealth. Or on TV, as a polemicist of race (confirmed to Big Brother Vip). Not only that: in the Corriere della Sera he also tells of the illness of his eldest daughter Silvia, of the second son Davide who tries a career as a footballer, of his relationship with the children that Bonolis had from his previous marriage ... but above all of how things really are between her and the husband - Photo | video

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DAVIDE, THE FOOTBALLER - Sonia Bruganelli also reveals her side as an apprehensive mother. She tells the Corriere that she accompanied her son Davide to Trieste for the presentation of the team in which she will play. She recounting her emotion: 'I was very happy, it is something that Davide has always wanted. And then I thought of my father, Massimo, a former Lazio player and goalkeeper coach. Ever since Davide was one year old, he has been following him in football. Trieste is the last city he saw, two days before he died: I can't help but see a connection. When he left for the retreat on August 2nd. There I cried. I put a jar of Nutella in his overflowing bag: in flight it exploded and made everything dirty. After three days of video calls he told me: “Mom, come on, that's enough”. Obviously he will have written Bonolis on the shirt, it is his surname. Although he bothers me a lot when they give him the recommended. But what does it have to do with it? If the son of a public figure works, it is thanks to his father; if he doesn't work, he is a kept one. It is against all logic… ”.

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THE THREE CHILDREN… PLUS TWO - Sonia Bruganelli also talks about her other two children, Silvia and Adele. In addition to the two of her that her husband Paolo Bonolis had from his first marriage with Diane Zoeller, Stefano and Martina. 'Silvia is fine,' Bruganelli tells Corriere, speaking of the eldest daughter who has several health problems. “She is 19, she is light. She attended high school until the third year, I withdrew her during Covid due to the anxiety that she would fall ill, given her heart problems. But for her potential, she must above all learn to be self-sufficient. She does hippotherapy, music, athletics ”. Sonia Bruganelli also reveals to the Corriere the reason why she had the face of Padre Pio tattooed. And the “fault” belongs to Silvia: “she had to make a delicate operation and the night before I dreamed of Padre Pio. I promised myself that if the surgery went well I would have his face tattooed. I have it on my forearm '. And she continues: “Adele, the third daughter, learned to read by herself. You have just published a serial novel in the class magazine of your school, the Tacitus ”. And the other two children of your husband Paolo, Stefano and Martina? 'At first I was very jealous. We have a great relationship today. Martina has created a chat where it's just me her and her father. If they want to ask Paolo for something, they talk to me first, to get my support ”.

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'WE LIVE SEPARATELY' - Yeah, her husband Paolo Bonolis. Gossip about their crisis has been going crazy for some time. Also because Sonia Bruganelli has agreed to return as a columnist to GfVip at a time that she herself has defined as 'difficult'. “The kids who grow up, the couple dynamics that change, the famous empty nest… I needed lightness”, Bruganelli tells Corriere. 'Aal Big Brother Vip I just have to do my make-up and watch the Day Time in the tub before the episode'. And she doesn't stop there: “Sleeping in separate rooms is a sign of civilization! However, now we go further ”, Sonia Bruganelli reveals to the Corriere:“ I am arranging my new home, where I will move alone with Adele. Silvia stays with him. We are still together, in different buildings, communicating by a double door on the terrace. It is the secret to staying together for life ”.