Sonia Bruganelli, unauthorized portrait of a real tiger

Between good and evil she chooses the wicked, the naughty, the indisposed. She wanted to be Sally Spectra, the villain of 'Beautiful', she applauds Will Smith who gives up slaps, and provokes his 'haters' on social media. But what if the dislike were just a show?

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Who hates me follow me. When, as in the case of Sonia Bruganelli, the inspiration is not the gospel but Sally Spectra, being considered by the nicest as returning from vacation turns into a fortune. For this reason, Mrs. Bonolis pampers those who fill her with insults on social media, always providing new reasons for indignation, only to then pretend to be sweetly surprised by the envy of others. If she posts a picture of her cat, she does it when he's perched on her 165,000-euro Luis Vuitton malle coiffeuse, and not while she's throwing up a fur ball. If she posts a photo of pizzas, you can bet that they will be in a basket on the side table of a private jet, and in the background a detail of a Hermes bag that costs like a destroyer will pop out - Photo | video

Sonia Bruganelli speaks: 'Paolo Bonolis and I live apart: I'm rearranging my new home ...' - guard

BETWEEN WRONG AND REASON - She posts, tweets, intervenes by always choosing the upwind pace: Will Smith drops a daddy to Chris Rock and she takes sides, no ifs and buts, on the side of the executioner. Elisabetta Franchi exalts the choice of discriminating against young women in hiring, who then maybe get pregnant? Mrs Bonolis applauds the entrepreneur. With each 'send' the column of comments swells with hatred, accusations, complaints and consequent attention. To be mischievous, one would think that Mrs. Bonolis has discovered the obvious: when those periods come in which everyone wants to be on the side of reason, it is better to sit on the side of the wrong. There is parking, competition is absent and it is even more fun. This affinity of perfidious senses has not escaped another bad doc, Alfonso Signorini: he recalled Bruganelli aboard the Gf Vip and killed the other columnist of last season, Adriana Volpe, confirming that bad girls go everywhere and good remain on the bench.

Paolo Bonolis speaks: 'Sonia Bruganelli and I make sparks ... like two flint stones' - exclusive

PILLS OF TRUTH - And while her rivals grumble, the tiger of Lungotevere Flaminio proceeds undeterred to sow pills of truth on media and social networks, titillating curiosity and malice of her followers. For example, interviewed months ago by Francesca Fagnani, she said that fidelity in a couple is unnatural. Then, on her bulletin board, she writes that to love means to let people free. A few days go by and a guy who asks her, during a live Instagram, what her sentimental situation is, she replies: 'There will be an answer, in due course' and after weeks of dripping, she finally tells the Corriere that she and her husband, after having experimented with satisfaction the separate rooms, they decided to go all the way and to live in separate houses, but being together. An elegant way to get out of the sphere of feelings and enter that of oxymorons.

Meanwhile, Paolo Bonolis becomes an encore grandfather! - guard

YOU ARE DISAPPOINTING ME - Where he feels comfortable. For example, between having and being she has chosen both, and go to that country that feel good Erich Fromm. He has it all: containers of designer shoes, demijohns of rosé champagne, villas, private jets and cartloads of handbags. And that's it: businesswoman-presenter-columnist-influencer-mother-wife-sister. In the Sonia's Books program she is also an expert in literature. And precisely in that study the tiger who slices his haters (and if it happens the Gf's competitors too) loses his nails, and that he has in his hands the novel by Sandro Veronesi or the autobiography of Manila Nazzaro changes nothing: it's all a flood of compliments for the work and its author. As Bastianich, another reality villain, would say: 'Sonia, you're diluting me.'