“Sophia Loren is my mom”. The story of his son Carlo Ponti

'You know the diva, I don't: she has always been present, affectionate, she likes to hug me and watch her films together'. Carlo Ponti, conductor, tells of dreams, passions, separation (from his wife), fatherhood. And that time Sylvester Stallone in fur scared him

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Carlo Ponti, conductor, is the eldest son of Sophia Loren and of the producer Carlo, who died in 2007, and brother of Edoardo, director. 'You know the diva, I don't: she has always been present, affectionate, she likes to hug me and watch her films together' – Photo | video

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First scene. He, with an intense actor's face, is sitting next to his mother, at the restaurant, in Milan. Second scene. He is in Geneva, Switzerland, at the home of Sophia Loren, his mother. Carlo Ponti, conductor, is the eldest son of the actress and producer Carlo, who died in 2007, and brother of Edoardo, director. He lives between Switzerland and America, where he founded the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra, an ensemble of which he is artistic director, committed to promoting the study of music in schools. Here, speaking of himself, he tells his family and artistic story.

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Carlo, the next podium?
«I follow the initiatives of the Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra, which is planning a concert in January. And I'm working on a musical project in Geneva».

Was management your childhood dream?

“I started out as a pianist. Then my father directed me to the management. I was 25 when I did a seminar in America. It was there that I understood that this was my path. As a pianist I could not give my best. It happened that I was perfect in rehearsals and not on stage. I felt anger and frustration. So I chose the direction, which is inspirational, choral».

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How was your passion seen in the family?
“My father always had a respectful attitude. And my mother never forced me to make choices. Today she is measured in compliments and generous in emphasizing, even when she tells me that I bow too much to the violins. You are my music critic.'

Are we feeling bad?
“No, I try to capitalize on your comments. She has always been a present mother. She hugs you, she stands next to you. And she has never played the distant diva ».

Have you felt the weight of your parents' success?
“I've never heard of this kind of competition. I am proud of my parents. Being the son of my father and mother gave me advantages, not disadvantages. I am aware of this privilege.'

Is there a gesture you always make when conducting?
«Whoever directs must have a directorial vision, almost cinematographic, to help bring out the music. So I happen to extend my arms towards the sky, as if trying to enclose it, to understand it».

Your cousin, Alessandra Mussolini, sings on Tale and which show on Rai 1 do you watch?
“He's talented. My mother and I follow her on TV.'

How is Sophia?
'Is fine. I'm with her a lot during this time. A special communion takes place between us. And it's wonderful to see her films together. I understand more and more her great artistic versatility: she is dramatic, she is light, she is profound. In A particular day she has an intense beauty and an infinite skill».

Were you jealous as a child of the stars your mother acted with, Mastroianni for example?
'No. Many films he made at the beginning of his career. The ciociara , which in 1962 won her the Oscar for Best Actress, she did it at the age of 26. As a child, I didn't like seeing violent scenes, but I understood that the romantic ones were part of the story. However, the stars remained on set. They didn't frequent our house. I only remember that once in Paris Sylvester Stallone came to us with an enormous fur coat and I ran away scared».

What teenager was that?
“The best son in the world. Of course, Edward too ».

How do you think back to that time in America when he was stopped because he was positive for the alcohol test?
'It was a mistake of youth.'

What dreams do your children have?
«Vittorio, 15 years old, is studying piano and is talented. Beatrice, 10, now says she would like to be a sushi chef when she grows up. But, of course, she also loves pizza and pasta ».

Is your marriage with Andrea Mészáros, violinist, over?
'We separated. But maybe we'll talk about love next time.'

He accompanied his mother to the opening of the Sophia Loren Restaurant in Milan: what is the effect of eating, among his blow-ups, in the place that bears his name?
'It's an honor, I felt like the son of a sacred figure, almost like the son of a pope.'

How do you see the turn to the right in Italian politics?
“I don't know much about Italian politics. But from a distance, Giorgia Meloni's attitude strikes me a lot ».

Which dad is she?
'I do what I can. My children are my priority. And my mother loves them. She is special, even as a grandmother ».

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