Supermarket tackles well-known brand hard – “moon prices”

  Discounter shoots sharply against a well-known candy manufacturer. Discounter shoots sharply against a well-known candy manufacturer. Image: dpa / Fabian Sommer

The corona pandemic, the war in the Ukraine and the climate crisis, all of these factors are having a devastating impact on the food market. As a result of the currently prevailing crisis situation, the prices of many staple foods have skyrocketed.

This is currently causing a lot of trouble between trade and industry. The most recent advertising campaign by Netto Marken-Discount is an example of this. In the social media, the Edeka subsidiary attacks the candy producer Mars, who is also known for Snickers, Dove, Hubba Bubba and M&M's in addition to the chocolate bar of the same name.

Netto advertises own brands as alternatives

'The manufacturer Mars demands an unreasonable price increase,' writes Netto Marken-Discount Instagram . This is accompanied by an advertising poster showing a pack of M&M's next to the peanut dragees of the Netto own brand Schokoliebe. Above it is written: 'Don't feel like moon prices from Mars? Then go to Netto!'

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Below the article, Netto Marken-Discount continues: 'With our own brands, we offer you an alternative that is at least 64% cheaper, but tastes 100% just as good!'

Netto Marken-Discount is not the only discounter to shoot at manufacturers' brands and aggressively advertise its own brands as a result of skyrocketing prices. Also period recently followed this strategy in advertisements and made the shopping basket comparison striking. Anyone who buys Aldi own brands instead of branded products can save 49 percent of the purchase price , so the message of advertising .

Trade and industry blame each other

Such campaigns are part of an ever-growing list of allegations made by the food trade against manufacturers like Mars. They would take advantage of inflation, which has been rising for months, to demand excessive price increases. Rewe's purchasing manager, Hans-Jürgen Moog, had Interview with 'Lebensmittel-Zeitung' (LZ) openly spoke of 'price gouging' on the part of the manufacturers.

They in turn referred to their increased production costs due to the numerous crises. Peter Feller, Managing Director of the Federal Association of the German Food Industry opposite LZ referred to as a denial of reality. The demands of the dealers are ruthless, said Feller.