Surprise Gianluca Grignani: “I've never loved. Heaven? Full of beer and women '

'The 50 years are there and I feel them all,' says the singer-songwriter. That in an interview with Corriere he tells everything about himself, including special fans (Vasco Rossi, the regretful Lucio Dalla), black days and a territory where he feels 'virgin'

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Gianluca Grignani, who turned half a century old this year, takes stock of himself, of his victories and defeats in a long interview with Corriere della Sera . – Photo | video

Gianluca Grignani turns 50: “There are many, but only for the others: try to keep up with me!

'COLLECTION PERIOD - It starts from the age of 50 (stamped in April), which did not pass in vain: ' They are there and I feel them all. But it is not a period of darkness, it is a period of harvest. I started sowing almost thirty years ago and now here I am, I want the fruits '. Artistic fruits, Grignani means, because from a sentimental point of view it is unknown what the seeds were, but the harvest is rather poor: ' I have never loved in my life “, He says lapidary. And when he is pointed out that he has written so many love songs, Gianluca replies: ' I wrote love songs to find someone to love. But I'm a virgin on that territory, I don't think I've ever loved in the ways I have in my head ”.

Gianluca Grignani, super birthday party (late) with many friends and special friends - guard

SENSE OF INADEQUACY - Grignani separated from his wife Francesca Dall’Olio after 17 years and four children (all with a name that begins with the G of Gianluca and Grignani). Towards which he feeds love mixed with anxiety. “I am a father p hyeno of fears. I don't know if I'll be up to it, if I'll be able to do well. Giselle once asked me if being an artist meant being like me. How do you explain to a little girl that an artist is free by nature? And that certain songs are born from unspeakable pain? And that sometimes the best songs come to me while I'm at the table or traveling? And that once, many years ago, while the whole world thought I was dead, I was touring Latin America? It will take me years to explain all this to my children and I hope to still have a lot of time ahead ”, says Gianluca, not before having specified that his eldest child, Ginevra, has chosen to go and live with him.

Gianluca Grignani talks about the shock arrest: 'Here is my truth

DA VASCO TO RKOMI, PASSING PER LUCIO - And when the interviewer reminds him that Vasco Rossi had called him 'the Italian John Lennon', Grignani claims a kind of transgenerational magnetism, recalling that 'even younger guys like Rkomi or Irama call me legend and respect me. Music has always been on my side ”. Music yes, but the parents, says the singer-songwriter, no: ' Dad left home and started a separate family, mom did everything to raise my sister and me, but I lacked affection '. Hence, a whole series of misunderstandings and escapes: ' I wanted to go to art school but they prevented me from doing it because, just think, they were convinced that the rods were spinning there. They did not know that I had begun to make reeds when I was little more than a child '. However, Gianluca's great regret is having 'missed' perhaps the noblest of his admirers, Lucio Dalla. ' When I met him for the first time, at his home, it took him a while to come out into the open, almost hiding behind an armchair, perhaps, who knows, he feared my judgment on his erotic choices, but never mind. However, there is a curious anecdote that I have never told anyone. When I made the first record, Dalla called my house. I was out, my mother replied. Lucio said he would like to invite me on the boat with him and his team. My mother replied: 'Mr. Dalla, Gianluca is not the type'. That is, do you understand that my mother, even if unintentionally, was crippling my career in the bud? I think that if Dalla had continued to be close to me my life would have been different ”.

Gianluca Grignani speaks: 'My children saved me from the abyss' - guard

THE BLACKEST DAY ... - Space then to the classic question about the worst day and the best day. It starts from the first: ' I alone in this huge house ( his villa-studio in San Colombano al Lambro, between Pavia and Lodi , ed). In the living room, literally holding on to a chair. Clinging to not falling into who knows what abyss. I look out the window, a gloomy weather, waiting for someone. Not a particular person, any person. But the hours go by and nobody comes. There is no one and I feel alone like never before. Separation is something that hurts after a while. And since I don't have close contact with my parents, when I separated I felt a very painful loneliness, the awareness of being without anyone ”.

Gianluca Grignani: “My children, forgive me: you can count on me

... AND THE BRIGHTEST ONE - The most beautiful, however, coincides with the birth of the first son, Giosué, who is now 13 years old: 'Sexism is not involved: that day I had just finished a record, it was a double birth in the family'. In short, almost heaven. That Grignani, who for a moment returns cursed, imagines himself 'full of beer and women' (and here he quotes Sean Penn).