Surprise Greta Thunberg: 'I'm ready to pass the megaphone to others'

The young woman has been the point of reference for environmental battles for four years. She now explains that she wants to 'deliver the megaphone to those who really have stories to tell'

 Fridays For Future global climate action day in Berlin The 19-year-old Swede was the founder of 'Fridays for Future' Photo Video

Greta Thunberg, the very young Swedish activist and founder of 'Fridays for Future', has decided to leave the lead in the battles for the climate and clean energy. The 19-year-old's announcement comes four years after the launch of her 'school strike for climate'. And in conjunction with the start of Cop27, the great climate summit. Deserted, however, by the two biggest polluters in the world: China and India… Photo | video

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WHO HAS STORIES TO TELL - Greta confides in the Swedish press agency Tt : “We should also listen to the accounts and experiences of those most affected by the climate crisis. It's time to hand the megaphone over to those who really have stories to tell.' The world, she says, needs 'new perspectives'.

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AGAINST HYPOCRISY - Although very young, she managed to be followed by millions of people. She believes that the climate crisis is already having devastating consequences on the planet: 'So it becomes even more self-righteous when people in Sweden, for example, say we have time to adapt and we don't have to fear what will happen in the future.' And talks with world leaders have disappointed her. Now in her last year of high school in Stockholm, she still doesn't know what she will do after graduation: 'We'll see. If I had to choose today, I would choose to continue my studies. Preferably something to do with social issues.'

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