Teresa Saponangelo, gives Paolo Sorrentino to Diego De Silva: 'Ma ora fatemi fare l'amante'

After her success as Paolo Sorrentino's mother in the film It was the hand of God, she was offered similar roles. But she wants to express the 'crazy and elusive' part of her. Because she falls in love easily

  teresa-saponangelo-today-43 Teresa Saponangelo in the photo: from the David di Donatello to the mother of Luciano, 15 years old Photo

One May evening left its mark on Teresa Saponangelo's life. The actress this year won the David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actress for It was the hand of God , film, biography and family drama by Paolo Sorrentino and since then a lot has changed for her. In the role of Maria, the director's mother, who died in a domestic accident together with her husband, played by Toni Servillo, she won everyone over. Now Teresa Saponangelo is running, yet she doesn't lose the touch of her kindness. In this period she is in Rome on the set of Winter lemons (working title), next to Christian De Sica. “It is the story of an intense and somewhat melancholic friendship. He helps her find herself again,' anticipates the actress. Which is also on Rai 1 in Vincenzo Malinconico, unsuccessful lawyer , fiction with Massimiliano Gallo inspired by the novels of Diego De Silva. – Photo

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David di Donatello, Paolo Sorrentino triumphs and… love – guard

Teresa, how do you remember that award for the role of mother? “I wanted to win. And the occasion was right. My character had been appreciated by the public, the film had been nominated for an Oscar. Then of course, it was not obvious: in the cast there was also Luisa Ranieri, very popular ».

Instead she won. Where does he keep the statuette? “In the bedroom bookcase, next to other awards and the nightstand. An intimate position.'

After that, what has changed in your career? “It brought a new attention. There was a confirmation of the professional esteem I was already receiving, a career seal. And thanks to Paolo Sorrentino, an internationally recognized and appreciated author».

Have you been touched by a divine hand in your life? 'No I do not think so. Apart from the beauty of having a child, nothing extraordinary happened to me. Let's say that I have not received particular comfort. In fact, I lost my father when I was two.'

In Vincenzo Malinconico, unsuccessful lawyer is Nives, ex-wife and lover of the protagonist, an established psychologist. “The role is very funny. Nives seems balanced, resolved, but she is fragile. She left her husband, but she wants to take him back. You have expectations of perfection to achieve. I know this type well. I've been in therapy in the past.'

Is there some heartache involved? «At the beginning, yes, I wanted to investigate the feelings and ties of a couple. But deep down I was trying to understand myself. When you're young, you get tormented. Then in the artistic work this aspect becomes more acute. You change roles, cities, situations and you need balance to handle new things, distances, separations».

How do you balance security and fragility in her? “Both are present. Let's say I'm looking for the right balance between them».

Did you know the books by Diego De Silva that inspire fiction? «I studied them for fiction: I had bought them, but I had not read them. Usually in contemporary literature I am attracted to books that have female figures at the centre, such as those by Valeria Parrella, Donatella Di Pietrantonio, Michela Murgia».

In Our General, a fiction that we will see on Rai 1 at the beginning of next year, you play Dora Fabbo, first wife of General Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa: did you also prepare by talking to your children, Nando, Rita, Simona? “I met Rita. We had a loving chat. She told me family anecdotes that helped me. You told me about a very present, tender mother. And without fuss.'

In summary, from fiction to fiction, is it better to be a wife, mother or lover? In these nuances of women, which ones do you feel closest to? «Playing Maria in Sorrentino's film was wonderful, but I feel I can represent other roles well, bring out crazier, more elusive aspects. After the movie It was the hand of God , I received other offers for mother roles. But I said no. There is only one mother, I replied. I like being a wife and mother. But now let me be a lover.'

She has an ex-husband, a son: can you tell us? “My son is 15 years old. His name is Luciano, yes like his grandfather ( Luciano Emmer, the director , ed.). No, he doesn't want to be an actor. For now he seems attracted to directing. And I prefer not to talk about exes.

So let's talk about love today: boyfriends, lovers? “Nothing at all. I have no important loves. But I fall in love easily, often in a platonic way.

Whose now? Of a Spanish operator named Sanchez met on the set of the film birds I've finished shooting.'

Did she declare herself? “My colleagues went out of their way to tell him. How did it go? Well, he's in Spain and I'm here.'

In the Spanish film he has an erotic role. Attention, transformation in progress: from mother to ex-wife-lover and now to daring woman? «Sensual, it seems to me the right definition».

She was born in Taranto, she grew up in Naples: what kind of family does she come from? “My father worked on ships, he was a captain. My mother was employed in the secretariat of a school».

Graduated from Dams, in Rome, then you studied acting, how did you decide to become an actress? «In high school I took theater courses, then I collaborated on shows and projects in the Nisida juvenile prison. And perhaps the fact that in Naples I lived in the building of the Politeama Theater also counts and there I had the opportunity to attend many classical shows, to see Mariangela Melato, Franco Branciaroli».
They call her: the set awaits her. The actress is also busy filming Born for you , a film that tells the story of Luca Trapanese, adoptive father, single and gay from Alba, a child with Down syndrome. This time he's a lawyer.

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