The 100 best wines and winemakers of Italy in a guide (not to be missed) by Corriere della Sera

On newsstands with the newspaper. A real journey among the bravest producers capable of producing, amidst a thousand difficulties, high quality wines and with an eye to the environment. The best labels selected and awarded by the experts Luciano Ferraro and Luca Gardini

 wine guide

There is a community of winemakers that does not give in to climate change. Producers who are committed to maintaining high quality and making the system of relationships and human contacts survive, reconciling turnover and social growth linked to the world of wine. These 'brave' winemakers tell their story in the new edition of the 'wine' guide The best 100 wines and winemakers of Italy , edited by Corriere della Sera and signed by the deputy director “ad personam” Luciano Ferraro together with the critic Luca Gardini.

Elodie and Andrea Iannone, elopement by bicycle Elodie and Andrea Iannone, elopement by bicycle

LIKE A COMPASS - «In Italy we have 341 DOC and 78 DOCG wines» explains Aldo Cazzullo in the preface. 'A wonderful labyrinth, an extraordinary adventure, of which this guide is an interesting compendium, a sort of treasure map'. The volume, on newsstands since Saturday 15 October with the newspaper, is in fact a sort of compass, which sets itself an ambitious goal: to explain to the public 'How to drink well, spend the right amount and find producers who focus on sustainability'.

BRAVE VINEYARDS - In the first section, 100 producers, more or less known to the general public, talk about their good green practices which, in the hottest and driest year since 1800, have made wine production more sustainable. The result is a sampling of small gestures and important structural interventions: there are those who build cellars with water recycling with a reduced impact on the landscape, those who focus on new resistant vineyards, those who move the rows higher up, in search of cool nights which guarantee the quality of the grapes. Many have already obtained organic certifications, some have converted to biodynamics.

PODIUM WINES - In the second part of the guide, the selection of the best Italian wines of the latest vintage on the market: a selection work by Luca Gardini who also edits an appendix on natural wines that are winning over consumers attentive to respect for the environment, the territory and health. This year, with scores of 110/100, the Barolo Monvigliero 2018 by Comm. G.B. Burlotto, the Barolo Ravera Doc Riserva Vigna Elena 2016 by Elvio Cogno and the Sassicaia 2019 by Tenuta San Guido.

AWARDS TO PRODUCERS - The guide also awards special prizes to winemakers. Francesca Moretti, 'woman of the green turning point of the Terra Moretti group', wins the 'Award of the Year 2023'. Valentina Argiolas, at the top of the family winery that made Sardinian wine great, is the 'Vignaiola of the Year', while Sting - music star and producer, together with his wife Trudie Styler, with his Il Palagio estate, in Tuscany – the “Premio Vignaiolo Verde” goes. In short, all you have to do is buy the guide to orient yourself in your choice and, after opening a good white, red or bubble , make a brindisi all'Italia del vino.