The actress Sara Ricci speaks: 'What harm is there if I like young boys?'

“They love my energy, their peers are rhetorical and boring”, says the protagonist of the film “La Santa Piccola” (and beloved face of “Un posto al sole”). But last June she was single again. Precisely for a matter of age ...

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“In 2018 I ended a long story with an older man. Since then I have been going downstairs. First a companion eight years younger, then 10, then 12. Up to 23 », he tells the weekly Today , in the issue on newsstands from 15 September, Sara Ricci, the beloved face of A Place in the Sun and now the protagonist of the film The Holy Small , available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube and Google Play Film, where she plays a rich lady looking for erotic escapism with two guys.

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I HAVE NO TIME FOR NOSTALGIA - The 53-year-old actress does not hide the fact that in reality she also has a predilection for what she calls 'baby love'. “The first few times the age difference put me in crisis. After that I took advantage of the fact that I look younger and it has become a game of chance. A challenge with myself, wanting to show that I can still keep up. Young people love my energy, my sense of humor. Peers are rhetorical, boring and bigoted, as well as nostalgic. And I don't have time to keep up with the memories ”.

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'I'M SINGLE' - Now Sara Ricci declares herself not committed, after the end of her last relationship, in June: 'We broke up after a year together. By mutual agreement and without worries, we decided to end the story because it was becoming ridiculous. I am the age of her mother '.