The American 007: 'From Russia over 300 million dollars to foreign political parties, leaders and politicians'

The revelation of US intelligence wreaks havoc in Europe and Italy on the eve of the elections. Another Putin's top manager died 'falling from a boat'. Medvedev: 'The guarantees requested by Kiev are the prelude to the world war'

  Mourning for late former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev The Kremlin has reportedly poured rivers of money into over 20 countries since 2014 Photo Video

On the balance of the war in Ukraine, but also on the upcoming elections in Italy, a new American dossier has fallen, according to which since 2014 Russia has paid more than 300 million dollars to parties and politicians in over twenty countries. Another Putin's top manager died, 'fell off the boat' in the Arctic. According to the New York Times, the Kiev counter-offensive, which continues to reap successes, would have been agreed with the United States. Medvedev launches into gloomy predictions: 'The guarantees requested by Ucrina constitute the prelude to the Third World War.' - Photo | video | video 1

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WAR FRONT - The reconquest of Kharkiv does not stop for a moment. In this region alone, the Ukrainians have recaptured 3,800 square kilometers of territory, equivalent to more than 300 settlements with 150,000 inhabitants. Says the Deputy Minister of Defense of Kiev, Hanna Malyar: “These figures are confirmed taking into account the stabilization measures. The real number of liberated territories in the Kharkiv region is almost double ”. In Kherson too, the counter-offensive is advancing, but more slowly thanks to the many trenches dug into the canals by the Russians in an essentially agricultural area. The explosions continue in the oblast, documented on Facebook by Serhiy Khlan, adviser to the local governor. Ukrainian intelligence writes in its latest report: “Representatives of the Russian occupation authorities are urgently evacuating their families from temporarily occupied Crimea and southern Ukraine. The success of the counter-offensive forces the authorities of occupied and southern Crimea to urgently transfer their families to Russia. Representatives of the administration, employees of the federal security service and the commanders of some military units are also trying to sell their homes in secret. ' And three more roars were heard at the occupied Melitopol air base. According to the New York Times, the Kiev counter-offensive strategy was planned together with the United States. Vladimir Putin would be short of weapons, so much so that, according to the Kyiv Independent, he would think of buying Soviet-era artillery ammunition from Tajikistan: there is talk of 220 Uragan rockets and 203 mm shells for Pion self-propelled guns and other equipment. According to the spokesman for the American national security council, John Kirby, “there is a turning point in the war in Ukraine caused by the two counter-offensives of the Kiev forces, especially in the Donbass. The US will continue to support them ”.

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THE NEW RUSSIAGATE - But the Americans seem to have every movement in Moscow and foreign politicians under control. Washington's 007s reveal that Russia has paid more than $ 300 million to parties, politicians and executives in over 20 countries since 2014. The secret funds were allegedly used by the Kremlin to gain influence abroad. And immediately, especially in Italy on the eve of the elections, the tussle broke out. M5S asks Copasir to clarify. Matteo Salvini speaks to Tg3: “The only ones who have taken money from Russia in the past are the Communists and some newspapers such as Repubblica. I have never asked for or taken any money. They say names and surnames. Did the Democratic Party pay? If Russia has paid the Democratic Party it is right that we know. The only foreign country that in my political activity offered me a paid and expensed trip abroad was the United States. I didn't go there. Others went there, free to do so '. Enrico Letta also asks Copasir to investigate and Angelo Bonelli, of the Green and Left Alliance, writes on Twitter: 'Are there any declassified acts that the government is aware of? If so, make them public ”. Guido Crosetto, Fdi, goes further and chirps: “I would like to know the names, if any, of any Italian beneficiaries. Because it is high treason ”.

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MYSTERIOUS DEAD AND THREATS - Another Putin top manager joins the list of mysterious deaths of Russian oligarchs since the start of the conflict. This time it is the director general of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation, Ivan Pechorin, 39, who died on the island of Russky in the Sea of ​​Japan. They say he fell off the yacht drunk. Meanwhile, on Telegram, the vice president of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev thunders again, explaining that the draft of the security guarantees requested by Kiev constitutes “in fact a prologue to the Third World War. Of course, no one will give any guarantees to the Ukrainian Nazis, after all it is almost like applying Art. 5 of the NATO Treaty. If these idiots continue to pump the Kiev regime without brakes with the most dangerous types of weapons, sooner or later the military campaign will pass to another level ”. The summit between Putin and Xi Jinping is expected in Samarkand, where the Ukrainian crisis will be discussed in depth. Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, is not confident about the hypothesis of upcoming negotiations: “I don't know when peace negotiations can begin, and in any case, a ceasefire is needed first. It is clear that the sooner the negotiations start, the better. But these take place when the conditions are right, when the will of the aggressor allows it. All the leaders who spoke to Putin came back with the same answer, that he does not want to open negotiations until he has achieved his military results. So rather than asking Zelensky, you should ask the aggressor '.