The BBC: 'Moscow burns ten million euros of gas a day'. In Zaporizhzhia distributed iodine tablets

According to British TV, Moscow is burning huge quantities of gas on the border with Finland. Medvedev: 'Kiev's renunciation of NATO is no longer enough'. In Mariupol, water is collected from puddles. The situation in Zaporizhzhia is glowing

  Gas: media, Russia burns LNG in plant near Finland Natural gas set on fire at the Portovaya plant, north-west of St. Petersburg Photo Video

Moscow is allegedly burning huge quantities of natural gas at the Portovaya plant, north-west of St. Petersburg, according to the BBC. Kiev opposes the negotiations, but Medvedev warns: 'Ukraine's renunciation of NATO is no longer sufficient for peace.' The situation in Zaporizhzhia is increasingly worrying, where iodine tablets are now being distributed to the population. The IAEA evaluates a permanent presence in the area. Pope Francis: “We are experiencing the third world war, a madness”. - Photo | video

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WATER FROM THE POZZANGHERE - The war knows no respite. More explosions in the occupied Kherson area. And a Russian raid is recorded in the Dnipro region. The head of the regional council Mykola Lukashuk reports: 'The Russian occupiers have repeatedly bombed the Dnipropetr region throughout the day, damaged private homes and buildings housing businesses.' The Nikopol district, the territories of Zelenodolsk and Velika Kostroma, where a 63-year-old woman was allegedly injured, were hit. In Mariupol, the city most tormented by the conflict, the situation appears apocalyptic, as a note from the city council says: 'The residents of the Kalmius neighborhood are forced to collect water from makeshift pools and the problems related to water supply have not been not solved at all. People survive as best they can ”. The Ukrainian Special State Communications Service also has to deal with hackers: 'During the six months of the war, the national Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine CERT-UA, which operates under the Special State Communications Service, 1,123 cyberattacks registered, the report reads. In particular, the attacks targeted mainly central government and local government bodies, but also commercial and financial institutions, security and defense sector agencies, energy, transport and telecommunications companies. Overall, the Ukrainian cyber police repelled 83 enemy cyberattacks and prevented another 300 ”. According to what was stated by Vadym Skibitskyi, representative of the main intelligence directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Moscow would have completed the preparations for the referendum for the annexation of the occupied territories: “We are talking about the temporarily occupied territories of the regions of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. Ukrainian military intelligence is clearly monitoring all the trials taking place there. Today we can confidently say that appropriate electoral seats and operational headquarters have been established, the electoral lists have been compiled and electoral commissions have been created, that is, all the processes relating to the preparation of a 'referendum' are almost completed '. The manager also reports a date: September 11th. And even Amnesty defines the Mariupol trials prepared by pro-Russian prisoners of war as 'illegal': 'It constitutes a further act of cruelty towards a city that has already suffered enormous suffering during Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine' . Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking to the American daily Hill, believes that negotiating with the Kremlin constitutes 'a death sentence'. And he adds: 'Zelensky is clearly against'.

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IODIUM PADS - The pro-Russians occupying the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant denounce a new Ukrainian attack near the plant: four shots would have landed near a storage site that contains radioactive isotopes. The power plant was reconnected to the Kiev electricity grid. But the situation is now so risky that iodine tablets have been distributed and administered to the population in fear of a nuclear catastrophe. The IAEA inspection will begin on Monday and Director General Rafael Grossi is evaluating a permanent presence of the Agency: 'We have to secure our route, we have to do it in coordination between the two countries, which is not easy given the circumstances. We must also count on the support of the United Nations and their armored vehicles that will take us there. This is the logistics, then on a technical level it is necessary to clearly define the parameters of the mission and, possibly, establish a continuous presence of the Agency on site '.

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RUSSIA BURNS GAS - According to the BBC, while gas costs have skyrocketed, Moscow would be burning huge quantities, equal to 4.34 million cubic meters per day (equivalent to 10 million euros), at the Portovaya liquefied natural gas plant. , northwest of St. Petersburg. The images of the flames also ended up on social media. The reason? Among the hypotheses, the reluctance to close a plant in which flows have been enormously slowed down and whose reopening would be too difficult or expensive. Dr Jessica McCarty, a satellite data expert at Miami University in Ohio, says, “I've never seen a liquefied gas plant ignite so much. Starting in June, we have seen this huge peak which has remained high ever since ”. And on the gas issue, the vice-president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, intervenes: “It will depend on the position of Western and European countries. If payments are banned or if the delivery of the repaired turbines or the launch of NordStream 2 is stopped, then supplies will not be in the volumes they expect. ' Medvedev himself, whose provocations are now well known, says that Kiev's eventual renunciation of NATO 'is no longer a sufficient condition for peace'. In short, it is still a wall against a wall.

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THE WORDS OF THE POPE - And Pope Francis launches yet another alarm: 'We are experiencing the Third World War over the span of a century, a madness. For me the most serious problem is the production of weapons: if it stopped for a year with that money, problems such as hunger and lack of education for children would be solved. But the world chooses for children to be hungry, without school, slave laborers, in order to have weapons. It's madness ”. The president of the World Union of Old Believers, Leonid Sevastyanov says the pontiff would be willing to go to Donbass: “He could help build a dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, as well as with the West in general. The thing to understand is that it will not be a religious visit. It will be a secular journey, with meetings with the president and lay officials ”.