The Corriere della Sera-Unicef ​​Advent calendar to save children

From 25 November, with just one euro more, the children of the house will be able to play and learn simple gestures to live sustainably. And the little ones in the poorest areas of the world will have clean water at their disposal


The colorful Corriere della Sera Advent calendar for Unicef ​​on newsstands from 25 November for one week is dedicated to safeguarding the environment. With the contribution of just one euro, you get a triple gift: you surprise children, grandchildren and little friends with a gift that is always welcome, you help children in poverty and you support the planet.

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A GUIDE FOR LITTLE ENVIRONMENTALS - The Corriere and Unicef ​​Advent calendar is 'green'. In each box, together with Fabio Vettori's beloved 'Ants', young and old will receive easy but important advice to reduce their impact on the environment and protect the Earth from climate change. A highly topical issue which, according to the Unicef ​​Children's Climate Risk Index, exposes a billion children to an 'extremely high risk' of suffering climate-related shocks, such as heat waves, cyclones, floods and lack of water, worsening their already critical condition. Let us think, for example, of Ethiopia, which, in its fourth year without rain, is facing unprecedented drought and famine.

CLEAN WATER FOR CHILDREN - For this reason, each Corriere della Sera 2022 Advent calendar purchased will allow Unicef ​​to supply this country with 74 tablets useful for purifying 14,800 liters of water, guaranteeing a sufficient quantity of clean water for over 20 children. «Respect for the environment, the fight against the climate and the guarantee of a fair present and future for all children are key points for Corriere della Sera and for all of us, who can and must make our contribution, at all ages , even through small but important daily gestures», explains Luciano Fontana, director of Corriere della Sera. «Once again this year Corriere della Sera is alongside Unicef ​​in the important battle against child malnutrition. A commitment widely shared by our readers, who with the purchase of the two previous editions of the calendar have allowed Unicef ​​to guarantee life-saving therapies to 600 children and to provide specific food supplements to 37,846 children affected by food emergencies'.

DROUGHT IS NOT JUST LACK OF WATER – «Children suffer from hunger and thirst every day. They are forced to walk for miles in search of food and water and often have to drink from contaminated sources. This leads to malnutrition and other preventable fatal diseases. In Ethiopia 12.5 million minors are in need of humanitarian assistance and more than 17 million people have been affected by drought in 4 regions,” said Carmela Pace, President of Unicef ​​Italy. «I thank Corriere della Sera and Banor for being alongside Unicef ​​again this year on the side of the most vulnerable boys and girls».

A BETTER FUTURE FOR NEW GENERATIONS – «We are happy to give our contribution again this year to an initiative of extraordinary importance to safeguard the health and well-being of many children around the world» says Massimiliano Cagliero, CEO of Banor SIM. «Climate change is a fact and it is right that even the little ones are aware of it and we at Banor, who have always been attentive to sustainability and environmental issues, are joining Unicef ​​and Corriere della Sera to help lay the foundations for a better future for the new generations'.