The Crown 5 arrives and makes King Charles tremble: here's everything you need to know about the most dramatic episodes (without spoilers)

On Netflix since November 9, the series focuses on the marriage crisis between Lady Diana and the then Prince of Wales who is described as cruel and insensitive towards his wife. Camilla, Elisabetta and their consort Filippo also come out very badly. And not only

  the-crown-5 Lady Diana is the absolute protagonist of The Crown 5. And it won't be a walk for Carlo... Photo Video

There is a very thin thread stretched between fiction and reality. Often The Crown treads it dangerously, sometimes it crosses the limit. But even if dramatized for the use and consumption of subscribers (who no longer grow as they used to), the fifth season of the Netflix show tells the story of Elizabeth II and her family in a plausible, if not one hundred percent truthful way. And all the controversies raised by the British press (the series would be disrespectful towards the recently deceased queen and Lady Diana) have done nothing but amplify the wait for the last few episodes, streaming from November 9th. In the United Kingdom the events on the occasion of the release are multiplying, but not only. Also in Milan, at the Flores Còcteles, a royal themed evening will be held on Tuesday 8 – Photo | video

William and Harry of England children: watch the video (with mother Lady Diana) never seen before William and Harry of England children: watch the video (with mother Lady Diana) never seen before

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THE KING AND QUEEN UNDER ATTACK – To come out badly, indeed very badly, are Carlo and Camilla, fresh sovereigns. Because season 5 focuses above all on the marriage crisis between the then Prince of Wales and Diana. A slow agony, punctuated by the cruelties of Carlo, who is described as insensitive to the suffering of his wife, superficial, disinterested. And obsessed with lover Camilla Parker Bowles. To the horror of King Charles, the show will also show the famous 'tampongate'. The text of a 1989 phone call between the two lovers was published in full in 1993 by People magazine. It's a huge scandal because the Prince of Wales confides in Camilla that he wants to be 'her tampax to live forever in her pants'. It goes without saying that the rehashing of the tumultuous 90s could dent the popularity of King Charles and Queen Camilla. Also because The Crown suggests that Charles had plotted with Conservative Prime Minister John Major to have his mother abdicate and take the throne. This is probably an invention, promptly denied by Major himself.

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DISRESPECTFUL TO DIANA – Lady Di. she is portrayed as a victim. Of her husband, of the royal family. But according to friend Jemima Khan, who briefly served as a consultant to The Crown, she hasn't been treated in a respectful or compassionate way. We know that the famous interview with Panorama will be recreated in some way, extorted from the princess by deception by the BBC journalist Martin Bashir. On that occasion Diana said 'there were three of us in that marriage' and she admitted that she cheated on her husband with James Hewitt. From there everything fell apart and the divorce arrived. Prince William had asked that she never again be shown on TV. We'll see how far The Crown goes.

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ELIZABETH TERRIBLE MOTHER – Elizabeth II was just buried but the show, filmed long before her death, did not edit any episodes. She doesn't do well either. She is a bad mother, with little interest in her children's lives, completely dedicated to her role. So much so that Carlo, in a moment of anger, says to her: 'If we were a normal family and social services came to our house, we'd end up in foster care and you in prison!'. A phrase probably invented, but really Elizabeth has always been an absent mother, not very affectionate, who did not like to discuss relationships and feelings with her children. It is no coincidence that three out of four have gone through a divorce. Philip was no better father, having grown up with virtually no parents. The new episodes push on the gossip that he was unfaithful and bored with court life. In particular, they describe an intimate relationship with Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Penelope Knatchbull, a close friend and buggy companion. In reality, numerous flirtations were attributed to him without ever reaching the explicit accusation of cuckolding. The most controversial relationship was not with Knatchbull but with Princess Alexandra of Kent, the queen's cousin, 15 years his junior.