The EU says no to easy visas for Russians. The wrath of the Kremlin: 'You shot yourself in the foot. There will be consequences '

Moscow threatens retaliation after EU decision to stop easy visas for Russians. Zaporizhzhia was granted only one day for the IAEA inspection of the nuclear power plant. Zelensky's Fury at the Venice Film Festival

  EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Borrell directs a course on'Geopolitical Europe' The High Representative for EU foreign policy, Josep Borrell, surprisingly announced the stop to easy visas for Russians Photo Video

EU and Moscow at loggerheads. After the surprising decision by Europe to suspend the facilitation of easy visas for Russian citizens, the sharp reply comes from the Kremlin: “You shot yourself in the foot. There will be consequences ”. The IAEA arrives in Zaporizhzhia for a 'permanent' presence, but is frozen by the pro-Russians who only allow one day to inspect the nuclear power plant. Curfew in Kiev for bars and restaurants, Zelensky inflames the Venice Film Festival: 'We still need weapons'. The United States promises to boost gas stocks in Europe. - Photo | video

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FIRE COVER IN KIEV - The Ukrainian counter-offensive continues to yield results. According to Ukrainska Pravda, Volodymyr Zelensky's troops have regained possession of the Kakhovsky and Antonivskyi road bridges in the Kherson region and have hit 'two checkpoints, two warehouses with ammunition, anti-aircraft defense equipment, a radar station and concentration areas of the enemy artillery '. In Kiev, the Council of Defense of the municipality has decided a curfew: from today the bars and restaurants in the city will have to close by 22. According to the Russian independent media The Insider, Russia could run out by the end of the year guided missiles, artillery and armored vehicles. And it would not be able to guarantee supplies to face the war. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba addresses the EU: 'Ukraine will no longer accept half measures. The age of peace in Europe is over and so is the time for half measures. It is precisely the half measures taken against Russia that led to the February 24 invasion. We have to be rigid and make strong decisions ”.

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ONE DAY ONLY FOR INSPECTION - The IAEA arrives today at the Zaporizhzhia plant, where it would like to establish a 'permanent presence'. Rafael Grossi, the general manager, said he came there to 'avoid a nuclear accident' assisted by a group of experts, including Italian Massimo Aparo. But Yevhen Balytskyi, the pro-Russian head of the civilian-military administration of the occupied region, freezes him: 'The inspectors have one day to inspect the operation of the plant.' And they won't come with special passes. Volodymyr Rogov, a member of the Russian-appointed regional council of Zaporizhzhia, explains on Telegram: “The Aiea mission will queue to arrive in the liberated part of the Zaporizhzhia region. This is due to the fact that no special passes will be issued ”. But the inspectors of the UN agency 'could get there quickly and unhindered from Russia' referring to the territories under the management of Moscow.

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THE FURY OF DI ZELENSKY – Zelensky takes the stage at the Venice Film Festival, as had already happened in Cannes, with a video message in which he lists the 358 children killed in the conflict on 29 August 2022. He defines the Russians as 'butchers, terrorists, murderers' and speaks of “a horror that hasn't lasted 120 minutes like a movie, but for 189 days. We must not play the game of Russia, which wants us to get used to it, to resign ourselves to war. The voice of the cinema matters. Glory to Ukraine. Do not remain silent, do not leave us alone ”. But the Kiev leader had also previously spoken at the Prague 2000 Forum: “Ukraine needs constant and adequate support with weapons and ammunition. We also need financial support, we need financial resilience and a world of freedom. However, the potential of the terrorist state has not been completely destroyed and therefore new sanctions packages are needed ”. And he asked for the Russian state media to be banned: “No Russian propagandist should remain in the territory of the EU. No Russian state television channel should be allowed to continue working on EU territory '.

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STOP TO EASY VISAS - And the EU and Moscow are, as never before, at loggerheads after the decision taken in Prague to suspend the EU-Russia agreement on visa facilitation. A decision that Josep Borrell, High Representative of EU foreign policy, had considered unlikely until a few days ago, but which instead came: “Since mid-July we have seen a substantial increase in border crossings from Russia to neighboring states. And this has become a security risk for these states, which will be able to take national measures to restrict entry at the borders, albeit in accordance with the Schengen code. Furthermore, we have seen many Russians travel to shop, as if it were not a war in Ukraine. The Member States have considered that we are not in a normal situation. It cannot be the same as before '. The reply from the Kremlin comes through the mouth of the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko, who out of his teeth declared that in this way the EU 'has decided to shoot itself in the foot', that the choice 'will not be without consequences' and then concludes with a cryptic phrase on what will be the response of Russia: “It can take both symmetrical and asymmetrical measurements”. While the United States announces further military aid to Ukraine, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby assured that it will look for ways to 'increase gas supplies in Europe or help European countries to boost other sources of power'.

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