The iPhone 14 now saves your life. All the Apple news announced by Tim Cook

In the traditional September keynote, four new models are presented: the notch on the screen disappears and the 'dynamic island' arrives. And if the network is missing, the phone connects to the satellite for emergency messages


What to expect from the Apple Event? For days, specialized websites and newspapers questioned the news of the expected launch of the Cupertino house, advertised with the slogan 'Far Out' and after three years of presentations only in streaming due to the pandemic. For years the keynote September is a sort of secular mass for the hi-tech world and the widespread rumors have almost all found confirmation.

GOODBYE MINI - First of all, the quick retirement of the 'misunderstood' Mini series iPhone. Already last year a report by the Nikkei Asian Review had revealed the little success of the 'pocket' iPhone, but the iPhone 14 (this is the name of the new model) have also been presented in four versions, adding to the base one and the iPhone 14 Plus, an iPhone 14 Max and finally the Pro Max, where 'pro' refers to the high-end specifications of the phone , starting with the titanium body and “max” to the width of the display.

  apple NEW CAMERAS - The latter remained 6.1 'inches for the base model, but is 6.7' in the other three. The iPhone 14 and its brother Plus are essentially identical to the previous models in the body and chip used, but have a new 12 MP main camera with 49% more brightness in dark environments and a new 12 MP front camera. MP and autofocus (the latter also present in the other two iPhones presented) to keep up with the performance of the Korean and Chinese competition in the photographic sector. The rest, as usual for Apple, is done by product engineering, artificial intelligence and magnificent software: it is no coincidence that iOs 16 is released on 12 September.
Substantial steps forward, as for a couple of years now, are in the two high-end models (stuff for the moneyed or inveterate geeks). Starting with the 48 MP main camera with 4K video capability, powerful processor A16 at 4 nanometers and always on display function, actually present in Android phones for at least two years.

E-SIM E EMERGENCY SOS - But the real news, capable of dictating the law within a couple of years, are three and two of which are not yet foreseen in Italy. The first is in the aesthetics: the 14 Pro and the Pro Max lose the the front notch, that black notch that hides the selfie sensor and the one for facial identification, which is replaced by a more slender 'dynamic' oval, that is, capable of changing as the needs for use change. The other two, the ones that we will not see in Italy for the moment, are the introduction of it is yes with the 'scrapping of physical telephone sims and the Emergency SOS via satellite, ie the possibility of communicating with satellites up to now the prerogative of the antennas of bulky satellite telephones in the event of an emergency and if the normal network is not available.

NEW WATCHES AND PODS - The Apple Watch Series 8 and the second generation of AirPods Pro . The first is enriched with a new alarm (after those that signal a possible fall or heartbeat anomalies): it is called Crash Detection and is able to understand if the user has been involved in a car accident. But the real novelty for the Apple smartwatch is the appearance of an Ultra version, suitable for those who play competitive sports or outdoor activities: the goal is clear, to attack the pro market dominated by Garmin or Suunto. Alongside the Ultra there is also an improved low-cost version, an Apple Watch SE that will cost 309 euros in the US. They will sell many. Finally, doubled the noise cancellation of the Pods, now equipped with a case that has a speaker to find it more easily and the possibility of recharging it even with the coin-shaped charger of the Watch.

Samsung believes it: here are the new folding Fold 4 and Flip 4 - guard

IN DEFINITIVE - Apple improves its phones by incorporating some features already tested by the best competitors and digs a further gap between the iPhone for all (the 14 base at 1029 euros) and the two super-performance models with prices from 1339 euros upwards. This time, however, it introduces a couple of 'goodies' at the software level that could dictate the law from here shortly. It replicates the same strategy with the Apple Watch, which is already the absolute ruler of its target market, with a super pop model (the SE) and one worth over a thousand euros (the Ultra).