The latest from Sanna Marin: Finland will build a wall on the border with Russia

Parliament's approval is approaching. It is expected to stretch 260 kilometres, cost hundreds of millions of euros and take four years. However, it is considered necessary to stem a possible wave of migration favored by Putin to put the neighboring country in crisis

 BELGIUM-EU-POLITICS-SUMMIT Sanna Marin, 36 years old, Prime Minister of Finland in visit to the European Parliament Photo Video

Building a wall along the border of Russia. It is the idea that Sanna Marin, premier of Finland is working on to protect the country's borders. The structure would also make it possible to limit the mass arrival of Russians fleeing their country after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Marin assured 'broad support' for the construction of the wall which, in the intentions of his government, should extend for about a fifth of the border, i.e. 260 kilometres. – photo 1 | foto2 | video

Sanna Marin, the Finnish premier dances wildly: there is controversy Sanna Marin, the Finnish premier dances wildly: there is controversy

Sanna Marin, this is who the very young premier who wants to bring Finland into NATO is - guard

FEARS ABOUT PUTIN'S MOVES - Marin is certain that the initiative will find 'wide support' from the Parliament. The works are expected to last four years, particularly in the south-eastern territories bordering Russia and cost 'hundreds of millions of euros', but are deemed necessary by the military to stem a possible wave of migration. The fear is that Putin could use migrants as a hybrid weapon, along the lines of what has already happened between Belarus and Poland. Sanna Marin can count on the support of the centre-left majority, but also of part of the opposition. Finland applied for NATO membership last spring.