The new 'Oggi', the weekly that wasn't there is now: a success to be celebrated like this

A special evening to celebrate the excellent trend of newsstand sales and its digital declinations (website and social media). With many guests. And hosts the director Carlo Verdelli and the president Urbano Cairo

  newsroom-today-evening-milan-1920 Today's editorial staff at Villa Necchi Campiglio for a special evening Video

When at Villa Necchi Campigli, where the weekly Today celebrated 31 percent more sales yesterday, Senator Liliana Segre arrived and silence fell. Of admiration and emotion. The life senator who will chair the first session of Palazzo Madama on 13 October signs The room , the column that closes our newspaper and which was by Indro Montanelli. Prestigious names, together with her also Ferruccio De Bortoli, Fabio Fazio, Massimo Bucchi, glossy paper, more pages, the direction of Carlo Verdelli: these are the ingredients of the success of the magazine which, as the slogan of the evening states 'That was not there , now there is”. - video

Stefano De Martino: “The biggest change? My son” Stefano De Martino: “The biggest change? My child'

Carlo Verdelli: “The new Today and the rights of readers

TODAY'S CHALLENGE – “The challenge that began eight months ago with Today basically it is this: take a newspaper that has made the history of newspapers in Italy and, respecting its magnificent tradition, bring it into the new Age, not on a whim but out of necessity to adapt to an irreversibly changed landscape”, he explained Verdelli, at the helm of the weekly from February 1st. To keep the leitmotif of the evening dedicated to the new Today ,  Marianna Aprile in front of a crowded audience. Urbano Cairo, president and CEO of Rcs Mediagroup, the director of Corriere Luciano Fontana, the deputy director Barbara Stefanelli and Uberto Fornara, CEO of Cairo Rcs Media were present. Guest, Stefano De Martino who -  how Today 'an 83-year-old big boy', as Aprile defined him - he shed his skin from dancer to conductor. And that he told himself sincerely, from having been a son of an artist to the fact that it is essential to take risks to be successful. As ours Today . And the numbers have proved the new course right.
The most moving moment, however, was when the director Verdelli thanked Segre, in the front row: 'Without doing anyone wrong, apart from Ferruccio de Bortoli who opens each issue with his mastery, I would quote Liliana Segre for everyone who closes it with her Stanza , the same name that had Indro Montanelli's column, and it is a source of immense pride to have her with us every week'. The applause of the audience was very long.

THE NUMBERS OF SUCCESS - Uberto Fornara listed the success numbers: 'From February to July, therefore in a difficult moment', according to Ads data, 'the increase in copies was 31 percent, reaching a total of 230 thousand'. And speaking of the al “it went from 1,300,000 unique users in February to 2,300,000 in July”. Advertising has increased by 14 percent.

THE INTERVENTION OF URBAN CAIRO – President Urbano Cairo closed the speeches on stage, who strongly wanted change: 'We have invested in an incredible way in Oggi. And we will continue to do so.' He then remembered the various directions, quoting Paolo Occhipinti and the last director Umberto Brindani and recounting how Verdelli accepted the challenge: 'Come on, Carlo, I've always looked at you carefully, even when you were managing Repubblica... do something with us. And he accepted.'