The Nobel for Peace 2022 goes to Ales Bialiatski and to due NGO, a Russian and a Ukrainian

The winners are Belarusian dissident and humanitarian organizations Russia's Memorial and Ukraine's Center for Civil Liberties. Motivation: 'For the commitment to defend human rights and the right to criticize power'

 Nobel Ales Bialiatski, the Belarusian dissident who won the Nobel Peace Prize

The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize was won by the Belarusian dissident Ales Bialiatski. Two NGOs – humanitarian organizations – one Russian and one Ukrainian were awarded with him. Greta Thunberg, considered among the most eligible candidates, remained empty-handed, but she herself had declared that she no longer wanted to be the face of the environmental movement Friday For Future (to make room for new faces).

Kate Middleton: Princess of Wales in blue in Belfast (with William) Kate Middleton: Princess of Wales in blue in Belfast (with William)

WHO ARE THE AWARD-WINNERS – Ales Bialiatski, currently detained and whose release has been requested, is known for his work with the Viasna Human Rights Centre of Belarus ; humanitarian organizations are the Russia's Memory there and there Ukraine’s Center for civil Liberties . A decidedly strategic choice and perfectly in line with the need for a strong message that the Nobel committee wanted to launch from Oslo. Bialiatski born on September 25, 1962, was arrested 25 times and, according to the denunciation of his organization Viasna he is held in semi-darkness.

THE MOTIVATION - The motivation, already very clear in a period in which wars dominate minds and hearts, was communicated by the Committee: 'In defense of citizens' rights for citizens' rights and against abuses of power, for having documented war crimes' .

ZELENSKY AMONG THE PAPABLES – Among the eligible candidates, indeed among the favorites of the bookmakers there was Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The name of Alexey Navalny, one of Putin's main opponents and who had defined the war as unjust, had also been mentioned. In the end, as often happens, the winners surprised everyone, starting with the bookmakers.