The season of the Milanese theaters resumes: here are the billboards of the National and Lirico

Watchwords: quality, fun, music and… the Entertainment Pass


The National What a Bank! and the Lyricist Giorgio Gaber of Milan, privately managed theaters that refer to Stage Entertainment, an American multinational producer of live shows, present the new season. A programming, that of the two theaters that must be told together and read as a single artistic journey aimed at the city and more generally at all culture enthusiasts.
With Nazionale and Lirico we already set ourselves a declared objective – declares Matteo Forte, a.d. for Italy of the group and director of the two theatres – that of reaching a total of between 250,000 and 300,000 admissions by the end of 2022. An important goal which, thanks to shows of the highest level and high quality, we feel we can achieve ”.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes his big screen debut! Zlatan Ibrahimovic makes his big screen debut!

NATIONAL ALL MUSICAL AND FUN – The Nazionale maintains its vocation by opening on October 13 with Sister Act Il Musical, a Stage Entertainment production which was a great success with the public in its first edition in 2011/2012. The staging will be completely new, directed by Chiara Noschese, choreography by Nadia Scherani and musical direction by Andrea Calandrini.
The choice of the title, as usual – Matteo Forte continues – passes through two criteria: the first is an explicit response to the requests of our loyal audience after a dedicated market research. The second arises from a reflection on current events, afflicted by a health, energy and humanitarian crisis; hence a title that helps escape. Pure entertainment therefore appears as an appropriate choice ”. Alongside the production, Stage Entertainment, with the aim of maintaining the positioning of the Nazionale as a theater firmly in the Musical genre, offers - in the second part of the season - important and awaited shows such as Rapunzel (with Lorella Cuccarini), We will rock you, Jamie and others.
Sister Act will therefore be the 'resident' show, while Pretty Woman, after last year's resounding success (over 80,000 tickets sold) will be the 'travelling' one. In fact, over 80 stages throughout Italy are already on the calendar.

LYRIC FOR EVERYONE IN THE FIRST “REAL” SEASON – The Lirico will open the first “complete” season, after the inauguration in December 2021, in the spirit of the artistic project that won the theater management tender, “that is – comments Matteo Forte – a great variety of genres with the spirit of increasingly become a point of reference open to all and aimed at heterogeneous targets”. In fact, the programming will open with dance. The Momix, the Stomp and the Balletto di Milano will immediately place the 'bar' of quality very high. The genres will alternate passing from the very welcome returns of Ale & Franz who propose a new show and Virginia Raffaele (with the aim of replicating the success of the first season), to the prose of Dodi Battaglia, Goldin, Deborah Villa, Stefano De Martino and Elio , at concerts by PFM, Gigi D'Alessio, Massimo Ranieri, Fabio Concato, just to name a few, to then host great comedians such as Panariello, Giacobazzi and Battista. Oblivion will also enrich the new season by guaranteeing a great variety of genres and complementary to the season of the national team. The Rassegna Jazz del Lirico will also return with Peppe Servillo and Uri Caine accompanied by the Civica Jazz.

GOAL ROME – Broadening its horizons and looking to the future, Stage Entertainment sets itself an important goal: “ We want to go back to Rome - concludes Matteo Forte – in the past we managed the Brancaccio theater and today, also on the basis of the successes in Milan, the time is ripe to return to being protagonists with our structure also in the capital ”.

SINGLE CARD FOR I DUE THEATER – To make the 2022-2023 proposal even more attractive, the Entertainment Pass is proposed: a book of free-choice tickets to be used for several shows for both the National and the Opera. The Entertainment Pass is fully transferable and can be used by multiple people. It will be possible to purchase it until 15 October at the ticket office or on the websites of both theatres.