The soap opera is very popular with Big Brother Vip: Antonella Fiordelisi is the protagonist… and not only that

The Canale 5 reality show wins ratings (in the share), but with fewer viewers. And it focuses on the showgirl who does not disdain flirting with Edoardo Donnamaria. Tickling their ex's reaction. All studied, in short

 fiordelisi-donnamaria-gfvip Antonella Fiordelisi flirts with Edoardo Donnamaria. See what happens in the Casa del GfVip Photo Video

The soap opera starring Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria is all the rage at Big Brother Vip, and the exes of both appearing like mushrooms as supporting actors. After Micol, Edoardo's ex who has entered the House to all intents and purposes, Antonella's ex-boyfriend Gianluca appeared yesterday. The boy, disturbed and agitated, told her that he is still in love with her and that, in her opinion, she has been manipulated by her father who does not look kindly on him, while he considers Edoardo a better choice than her. Antonella explained that she is no longer in love with him, but not that she does not want to lose him as an affection (giving the idea of ​​being a girl who finds it difficult to cut ties, even when it would be the most desirable thing to do). Embarrassing skit, drawn too long, she could have been avoided – Photo | video

Antonella Fiordelisi, the new girlfriend of Carlos Corona is the clone of mother Nina Moric! Watch the video Antonella Fiordelisi, Carlos Corona's new girlfriend is the clone of mother Nina Moric! Watch the video

Big Brother Vip: between live topless and new grafts (brothers and sisters of), the focus is on recycling - guard

TAVASSI COURTS ALL OF THEM – Luckily, among the many real or fake dramas, there is Edoardo Tavassi who keeps up the morale of the troop, courting all the women of the House, with the spirit of 'do cojo cojo'. He's funny and doesn't take himself seriously. Finally we had the opportunity to get to know Alberto De Pisis, influencer and commentator better, who recounted his battle against cancer: 'At 25 I got sick and had to undergo chemotherapy for eight months,' he said. 'I managed to work up the courage and did it all by myself.' After the story, Alberto met his mother who heartened him.

Everything, absolutely everything, on Big Brother Vip – special

LA PRATI NOBODY QUEUES – Pamela Prati also suffers, but for more prosaic reasons: no one gets in line. She thought she was the star of the show, but she ended up in the second row instead. She also complained to Alfonso Signorini: 'Don't show anything I do', she said. 'I've become invisible.' In the end, she also ended up in the nomination, together with Attilio Romita and Giaele De Donà.