The Times: “Putin wants a nuclear test on the border with Ukraine”

The Russian leader, according to the authoritative newspaper, could order an exercise to 'demonstrate his willingness to use weapons of mass destruction'. The three possible scenarios, plus a fourth: it's just a bluff

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According to the authoritative London newspaper The Times, Vladimir Putin would be ready to order 'a nuclear exercise on the border with Ukraine'. – laws | Photo | video

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THE SUSPICIOUS TRAIN - In this way, the Russian president intends to 'demonstrate his willingness to use weapons of mass destruction with a nuclear test'. It would be a further Kremlin-imposed escalation of the war, as its army loses ground on the battlefield. Difficult to assess whether it is indiscretion compared to a real will of the Russian leader or a bluff. Other sources report the news of a Russian military train of the nuclear division that would have left for Ukraine, in support of which would be a video released on social media which actually films a railway convoy. The same train, however, would have been geolocated in the Moscow region, i.e. at great distances from the border with Ukraine.

THE THREE HYPOTHESIS - Another accredited British newspaper, the Financial Times , lists the three ways in which, according to experts, Russia could resort to its nuclear arsenal: a 'demonstrative' test (like the one hypothesized by Times ), the attack on a key Ukrainian infrastructure or the much more dangerous one for the evolution of the conflict directed towards objectives in NATO territory.