The Totti's war: Ilary Blasi with her boyfriend in Thailand, Francesco with Noemi and children in Miami (and beyond)

As in a cinepanettone, the most erupted couple in Italy will greet the New Year in two famous locations. Francesco with girlfriend in Miami and the Caribbean, Blasi with her man in Bangkok

 francesco-totti-ilary-blasi-first-christmas-separate Ilaty Totti is in Thailand, Francesco Totti in Miami with his daughters Chanel and Isabel Photo Video

If it were a screenplay, the Vanzina brothers would have written it, but since Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi don't need help, for New Year's Eve they embarked on a remote challenge that looks like the plot of a cinepanettone. They will welcome 2023 apart and with their new partners. The Mediaset presenter flew to Bangkok immediately after Christmas together with the German entrepreneur Bastian Muller. Perhaps not to be outdone, Francesco Totti has landed in Miami with Noemi Bocchi (headed to the Caribbean), but more than a romantic getaway it will be a test of extended family, given that the couple are followed by their daughters Chanel and Isabel – Photo | video1 | video2

Ilary Blasi in Bangkok: New Year's Eve with Bastian Ilary Blasi in Bangkok: New Year's Eve with Bastian

Ilary in Bangkok, Totti with Noemi, where they celebrate - look

THE CASE EXPLODES ON SOCIAL MEDIA – The unprecedented formation did not go unnoticed once we reached Fiumicino airport. And so someone took some photos that ended up on Deianira Marzano's bulletin board, a sort of social gossip tsarina, so much so as to define herself as 'miss Gossip'. But it was Chanel Totti herself who made the departure go viral, who has 'easy Instagram', and in fact she published shots of her on her page that portrayed her departure board. Who knows if this climate of 'holiday competition' will end up turning into contest photography on Totti's social pages.

Ilary Blasi with her boyfriend Bastian in St. Moritz: she introduces him to her friend Michelle Hunziker - guard