The US is stockpiling radiation drugs. Erdogan: “Better the worst peace than war. But some European countries prefer escalation”

The Eurochamber: 'The EU should prepare a response to a Russian nuclear attack'. Moscow: 'We want to avoid an atomic war'. But the US is stockpiling radiation drugs. Erdogan still tries to mediate

  Russian and Turkish Presidents meet in Tehran Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan with Vladimir Putin, who turns 70 today Photo Video

Shock alarm from the Eurochamber: 'The EU prepares a response to a Russian nuclear attack'. From Moscow they throw water on the fire: 'We want to avoid an atomic war'. But the US buys huge quantities of radiation drugs. Erdogan tries to mediate, but warns: 'Some European countries prefer escalation'. Dugin, the ideologue of Vladimir Putin, is also included in the new sanctions of Europe: the leader of the Kremlin turns 70. - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4 | video 5 | video 6

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The Times: 'Putin wants a nuclear test on the border with Ukraine' - guard

WAR FRONTS - The Ukrainian conflict is getting bigger and bigger. After the battles on the Russian border, six Kremlin planes allegedly launched a missile attack from the territory of Belarus, as the deputy head of the main operational department of the General Staff in Kiev, Oleksiy Gromov, denounces: “The last time Russian planes attacked the Ukraine from Belarus had been on August 28”. Not only. According to Gromov, Minsk allegedly sent almost 30 ammunition carts to the Kremlin troops in the direction of Donetsk and Kherson since the beginning of October: “In general, since the beginning of the large-scale aggression, a total of almost 250 wagons”. Meanwhile, the death toll from the Moscow raid against residential buildings in Zaporizhzhia rises to 7. Azov Chief of Staff Bogdan Krotevich says the Russian military urged the battalion's troops to join Moscow's cause with a promise to 'destroy the West and the United States'. But the situation for the Kremlin is increasingly difficult. According to the Kiev Independent Since 21 September, the day of the mobilization of the reservists, the Ukrainian counter-offensive has regained control of 2400 square km of territory. Nobody recognized the annexations. And the director of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, says he does not accept Putin's decree on the transfer of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to Russia, continuing to consider it a Ukrainian property. On the European front, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala, in his opening speech at the summit of the European Political Community, says: “Ukraine needs Europe's unconditional support. Europeans must maintain the values ​​that unite them: the values ​​of human rights, respect and the rule of law'. Emmanuel Macron echoes him: 'We will continue to support Ukraine, militarily and financially'. The Russian philosopher and political scientist Aleksander Dugin, known as Putin's ideologue, has also ended up in the new European sanctions, as well as government officials, but also show business personalities, such as Russian musicians Nikolay Rastorguyev, frontman of the Lyube group, Yulia Chicherina and Oleg Gazmanov.

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THE NUCLEAR ALARM - Concern is growing for a further turning point in the conflict. The Eurochamber has asked the EU to prepare a response in the event of a Russian nuclear attack. A first reply arrives from Moscow in which the commitment to avoid an atomic war is affirmed. But the US is buying up large stockpiles of anti-radiation drugs. The Department of Health, as reported by the American newspapers, has in fact ordered 290 million dollars of Nplate , prepared against acute radiation syndrome in children and adults. And in the evening, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, writes in Telegram: “The West is encouraging a nuclear war. Every person on the planet must realize that the puppet and deranged Zelensky, full of weapons, has turned into a monster whose hands can destroy the planet.'

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ERDOGAN'S WORDS - Once again it is the Turkish president Recep Tayyp Erdogan who proposes himself as mediator during a press conference in Prague: “A fair peace has no losers. Even the worst peace is better than war.' But he warns: 'Turkey talks to all parties and has their trust, unfortunately some European countries prefer provocation and escalation'. And again, on the European political community: 'The political community is not an alternative to the EU's enlargement policy, Turkey will never accept any interruption of its accession talks'. For his part, the Kremlin accuses the West of having dictated to Volodymyr Zelensky the decree on the rejection of talks with Putin. And the Russian ambassador to Italy, Sergey Razov, tells a Door to door that your country “is in favor of a ceasefire and of sitting down at a negotiating table. But a few days later Zelensky issued a decree saying that Ukraine will not conduct negotiations with Putin. Evidently we have to wait for a change of views from the Ukrainian president or a change of president'. Razov also dwells on the issue of gas: “I don't know what the problem is with Russian gas. For 50 years we have supplied gas to Europe and Italy without problems. We were ready to continue supplying it but Italy and the allies have decided to free themselves from Russian energy dependence. It wasn't our choice.' As for the whodunit on what happened in the Baltic at Nord Stream, he defines 'the speculation on the sabotage of its own gas pipeline' by the Russian side as the result of a mere 'Russian-phobic propaganda'. Because, he explains, 'I guarantee we don't have idiots.'

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PUTIN'S BITTER BIRTHDAY - Today Putin turns 70 in the most difficult moment of his political career. To the agency Ria Novosti he said: “The pressure of sanctions on Russia will only increase, and in this regard, we need to have flexible and effective action plans, calculated for both the short and medium term, and implement them consistently.” The war turns to the worst. And the bad moods increase. In a four-minute video message, Kirill Stremousov, the deputy head of the annexed region of Kherson, takes issue with the Russian Defense Minister, Sergej Shoigu for the defeats in Ukraine: 'Many people say that, as an officer, the Defense Minister he might just shoot himself for being the one who let things get to this point.”

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