'The Voice': Coach talks about show problems – 'generally difficult'

  Stefanie Kloß would like more female coaches"The Voice". Dieses Jahr ist sie die einzige Frau im Team. Stefanie Kloß would like more female coaches on 'The Voice'. This year she is the only woman on the team. Image: ProSieben/SAT.1/André Kowalski

On August 18, 'The Voice of Germany' starts its twelfth season. This time there are 'only' four coaches on board again, because like in 2021 there is no double chair - and just like the year before, the distinctive red chairs are mainly occupied by men: Stefanie Kloß competes against Rea Garvey, Mark Forster and Peter Maffay . Opposite the German Press Agency she is now calling for more female participation on 'The Voice' but also expresses understanding that corresponding efforts have not been fruitful in the end.

Stefanie Kloß wants more women on 'The Voice'

'I keep saying that I wish it would be more balanced and maybe half the coaches would be gone Women exists', the Silbermond frontwoman explains. In 2021, the comeback stage of the show was managed by Elif, which increased the proportion of women a little, but the responsible broadcasters ProSieben and Sat.1 are finding it difficult to strike a real balance.

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Kloß can at least confirm that there are corresponding efforts on the part of those responsible: 'I know that the efforts are there.' Finally, the singer makes it clear that the coach casting was difficult this year:

'But I also know that this year it was generally difficult to get four coaches in these chairs at the same time.'

The problem from 'The Voice' point of view: After appearances on a larger scale were almost impossible in the last two years, many are currently getting them Stars canceled concerts or use the loosening of the rules in the summer to finally go on tour again. This leaves no room for casting shows in the diary – but “The Voice” now relies on prominent coaches.

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Mostly male coaches: 'The Voice' problem has a long tradition

However, Kloß has not given up hope and adds: 'Let's see how things go in the next few years.' In season ten of 'The Voice' there was a female double chair with Stefanie Kloß and Yvonne Catterfeld, but in 2020 Rea Garvey and Samu Haber also occupied a chair together. The round of coaches was completed by Nico Santos and Mark Forster.

In the participating potential stars of tomorrow, the gender ratio is regularly far more balanced. In the past five years, a woman has even triumphed three times on 'The Voice', most recently Paula Dalla Corte in 2020.

Source: watson.de