They call their daughter Lockie in memory of the lockdown: 'It was a happy time for us and we don't regret it'

Not all bad comes to hurt, says the proverb. And Jodie and Rob (with their daughter) subscribe to it in full. Telling their story

 lockie An unusual name for the baby girl, but dad and mom are proud of it Photo Video

Jodi Cross, a 36-year-old hairdresser from Wixams, Bedfordshire, England, has decided to name her daughter with boyfriend Rob Lockie. The reason? In memory of the lockdown, a sign that even the worst period of recent decades can make something flourish: 'Despite the pandemic, the lockdown was a truly beautiful and happy moment for us' Photo | video

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HISTORY - They chose the name 'without regrets or worries about what others might think.' Also because Lockie was born in a very difficult period, as Jodi recounts: “With Rob we tried for a year to have a baby and the confinement meant for us that I would be fired and that he would work less. So we had more time for ourselves and I managed to get pregnant”. On November 28, 2021, the little girl sees the light as the new strain of coronavirus, Omicron, is on the way: “We knew she would be a child in solitary confinement. People may not like the choice of the name, but we don't care what others may think'. In short, it is a name that means a lot to the couple: sacrifices, suffering and the triumph of love.

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LA LOVE STORY - Rob and Jodi went to school together, they were just in the same class. But they only met again years later, thanks to Tinder. And it was when the country was shut down that he, a son from a previous relationship, moved in with her. It was all like that. But it is not the only case, theirs, named in memory of the pandemic. In India, in 2020, a couple named their twins Corona and Covid.

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