Tiger Woods ex-girlfriend Erica Herman drags him to court. And she accuses him of sexual abuse

The golf champion's latest girlfriend sues him to cancel a non-disclosure agreement. The reason? It's about sexual abuse. Here's what's happening

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Tiger Woods, the golf champion, is back in the news for his separation from his last girlfriend, 39-year-old Erica Herman. The woman is suing him for the 'serious' emotional damages she suffered when she was forced to leave the Florida mansion where the two had lived together for six years, asking him for $30 million. But there is a detail in which sexual abuse is also mentioned photo | video

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THE DECEPTION - Erica claims Tiger persuaded her to go on vacation in October. Once at the airport she learned from her lawyers that she had in fact been kicked out of the house. She says she had $40,000 taken from her and was deceived as to how she was allowed to live in the Hobe Sound home for another five years. For this she dragged the ex before the judge.

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THE AGREEMENT - Not only. As reported by the foreign media, relaunched in Italy by Dagospy , Erica also reportedly asked to cancel a non-disclosure agreement with Tiger. To do so, to the question “does this case concern allegations of sexual abuse?” she would tick off the word 'yes.' More is not known at the moment. But a federal law allows victims of sexual assault and harassment to file a lawsuit even after signing a covenant to silence.

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