Tomaso Trussardi returns to Michelle Hunziker! There is an air of reconciliation…

The entrepreneur was spotted at the home of his (ex?) wife. And the fans go wild, dreaming of a flashback. Here's how things are. for now, at least…

 99-480705-000025 Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi: is it a flashback? Photo Video

Tomaso Trussardi returns to Michelle Hunziker. The appointment is in the showgirl's Milanese home. Where he spends a whole night and only comes out the following morning. It is inevitable that the rumors (for some days insistent) on the reconciliation between (ex) husband and wife will start again - Photo | video

Aurora pregnant and the irony of mother (and grandmother) Michelle Hunziker Aurora pregnant and the irony of mother (and grandmother) Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker, Giovanni Angiolini is archived: it seemed like a great love… – guard

SHE BECOMES A GRANDMOTHER… – Michelle Hunziker is a grandmother: her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti gives her her first grandchild (look). And it seems that Tomaso Trussardi also wants to participate in the joy of his (ex?) wife. not surprisingly, here he is entering the door of the showgirl's new Milanese home and only coming out the next morning. Someone whispers that it is a normal visit between two exes, complete with greetings to the girls they have together. It is no mystery that Michelle and Tomaso, in fact, broke up 'civilly'. And it's no mystery that dad is in great demand by Sole, 9, and Celeste, 7. But the fact that Tomaso Trussardi stops by Michelle Hunziker's for a whole night, is like the bellows that blows the fire of the flashback between two. Especially since she had been talking about it for days…

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THE FEDE TO THE DITO – It is not even a mystery that Michelle Hunziker put her wedding ring back on after her summer flirtation with the handsome Giovanni Angiolini. The fact is that it was also said that she had taken the first step to try to win her husband back. And now, as Chi tells us, he too seems to have taken the first step: Tomaso who goes to see Michelle and stays with her... that's news! Waiting for developments, of course. Disclaimers included if needed.

Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi, the end of love after 10 years and two daughters - guard