Tomaso Trussardi talks about Michelle Hunziker: 'We are still close'. And she reveals about Giovanni Angiolini

The entrepreneur talks about what happened after his wife separated. Revealing that no one has replaced her in his heart. And if she let herself be overwhelmed by her passion for the model doctor, it's only because 'he's not a decent person'

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Tomaso Trussardi for the umpteenth time tries to silence the thousand voices that followed after his separation from Michelle Hunziker. The entrepreneur wants to clarify two points, and remove a boulder from his designer shoes. Let's start from the end: even without naming him, the target of his outburst is Giovanni Angiolini, the doctor / model who had a torrid flirt with Michelle. Trussardi, interviewed by Corriere della Sera, he dedicates a very harsh passage to him: 'A man who creeps into a relationship in crisis, with a married woman and mother of two small girls, I cannot consider him a decent person' - Photo | video

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NOBODY LIKE MICHELLE - As for his relationship with the ex, he clarifies: “I find myself managing a 'pop' communication that is little suited to an entrepreneur and more to a well-known or show business figure, a reality to which I do not belong. Yet for the sake of family serenity I want to dot the i's.' At this point, his first concern is to eliminate the gossip that would have him already linked to Pamela Barretta, a former competitor of the program Men and women :  'There hasn't been and there isn't any girl in my life. Flirts and affairs are attributed to me, but I could not sustain any kind of relationship with a woman other than Michelle at this time. It's difficult for me to start over as if nothing had happened'. Then she jabbed: 'I know that Michelle did it, perhaps out of need of comfort and support, in a very difficult moment in our marriage'.

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A STORY CLOSED FOREVER? - Trussardi also explains what his relationship is with Hunziker, after the many rumors that suggest a flashback between the two. 'Michelle and I are close in our commitment to building a serene relationship for our daughters. I read that I would dictate conditions for our return together. It's ridiculous and I can't keep silent about this nonsense.' The entrepreneur then concludes: “During a delicate moment like our separation, also due to the dynamics of social networks, every photo or phrase of ours was exploited. In reality, Michelle and I have an open and mature dialogue and we certainly don't need to entrust messages to social networks to communicate'.

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