Tony Servillo with Ficarra and Picone: that's all 'The strangeness'

What are one of the greatest (and intellectual) Italian actors and two pop strollers doing together? Roberto Andò's latest film, presented at the Rome Film Fest, explains it very well

"La Stranezza" Red Carpet - The 17th Rome Film Festival Ficarra and Picone joking with Tony Servillo on the red carpet in Rome Photo Video

Toni Servillo, one of our greatest actors, intellectual, sometimes inaccessible. And Ficarra and Picone, celebrated comic duo since 1993, artists of laughter, pop. What they do together, this on paper improbable trio, we discovered at the Rome Film Fest. They are the protagonists of Roberto Andò's film 'La strangezza', in which it is imagined that Pirandello's masterpiece 'Six characters in search of an author' was born from a bizarre suggestion. The playwright (played by a very similar Toni Servillo) attends the vaudeville performance of two gravediggers (Ficarra and Picone) and is inspired by his most daring work - Photo | video

Rome Film Fest, (almost) all-male red carpet Rome Film Fest, (almost) all-male red carpet

Anna Falchi and her boyfriend Walter Rodinò, the first exit is on the red carpet in Rome - guard

“THE TORMENT OF GENIUS” – «The mechanism that fascinated me is precisely that there were two like them», says Servillo. 'They bring down the fences that separate comic and dramatic actors.' The couple, on the other hand, softens Servillo's austere image: «We got to know Toni, whom we already admired as an actor. And we also discovered him as a person: he is very nice, jovial and it was a pleasure to have dinner together and make conversation. Now we often talk on the phone ». But what is the strangeness that gives the film its title? Picone explains it: «That feeling of torment that a genius experiences when he is about to create something, which he still can't give shape to». Also in the film Donatella Finocchiaro and Luigi Lo Cascio. From October 27 in theaters.