Totti: “Ilary? I was not the first to betray: I found the messages on his phone '

The pupone speaks for the first time: “This story for me is flesh and blood. My life is involved. There are three people involved that I love more than myself: my children, whom I want to protect in every way '.


Francesco Totti is the first to come out to tell his version. Ilary Blasi is silent for the money, but it is to be imagined for a short time. Il Pupone confesses in a long interview with Corriere della Sera, in which he immediately puts his hands on: “Everyone spoke except me. I haven't said a word yet. I said I would not speak and I did not. But I've read too much nonsense, too many hoaxes. Some have even made my children suffer. Thats enough' - Photo | video

'Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi had been separated at home for months'. The latest confirmations from the couple's friends - guard

FOR EVERYONE IT'S GOSSIP FOR ME IT'S LIFE - 'This story is not gossip for me,' explains the former Roma player. “This story is flesh and blood to me. My life is involved. There are three people involved that I love more than myself: my children, whom I want to protect in every way. And there is a love that lasted twenty years. I would have expected everything, except that it would end like this! ”.

Ilary Blasi, the separation from Francesco Totti could have been avoided in this way (he says) - guard

TROPPE PERSON IN A MARRIAGE - Francesco Torri drops the bomb, a low-level missile that is very far from the famous spoon that had delighted many fans: 'I was not the first to betray', and continues, 'The real crisis exploded between March and April last year . But I had been suffering for some time ”. And part of the blame is due to the farewell to football: 'It all started in 2016. My penultimate year as a footballer. Quitting isn't easy. It's a bit like dying '.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, it's a battle of ... image pending the legal one - guard

INCORRECT PAIN - “I was fragile, I lacked references”, confesses Totti. 'Ilary did not understand the importance of this pain. Then he arrived on 12 October 2020 ″. It is the date of the death of Totti's father, who died without the player being able to visit him because he was sick with covid. A very hard moment he says, consoled only by his children: 'Fortunately there were Cristian, Chanel and Isabel. My wife, on the other hand, when I needed her most, wasn't there. The last year has been tough. There was no more dialogue, there was no longer anything '.

WITH NOEMI THE HISTORY BEGAN AFTER CAPADANNO - Do you remember the photo of the scandal taken on 4 December 2021 and published by Dagospia which showed Totti and Noemi Bocchi sitting not far away at the stadium? Well the former footballer denies: 'Noemi was not at the stadium with me. We arrived with different cars, we had different seats. Do you think I'm taking my lover to the Olimpico? A more intimate environment isn't it? However, it is true that I already knew her ”. The story began only on New Year's Eve tells the bomber.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: the house divided in half, the move to Milan, the lightning agreement ... Truth and lies about the divorce of the year - watch

'I WAS NOT THE FIRST TO BETRAY' - In an exchange of accusations, the player shields himself behind the 'I wasn't the first' and says he found some messages on his wife's phone. Totti does not mention the name but says: “he is a totally different person from me, who belongs to a world very far from mine, and fortunately. He was a shock. Not only that Ilary had someone else; but that he might be interested in such a man. Yet he had it '.

IF IT GOES PER FRI LEGAL - An agreement was not reached, Totti says he sought it for the sake of the children. He says he proposed to leave the house to them while the parents took turns. Ilary would have said no: “Nothing to do: only she wants to stay in the house, and that's it. Then we didn't talk about her anymore, because she left with her sister for Tanzania. A vacation paid for by me '. And she adds to the dose: “With her father she went to empty the safety deposit boxes, and he took away my collection of watches. He didn't even leave the guarantees, not even the boxes '. It is not difficult to imagine that it will be a battle in court.