Turin, blind patient returns to see with cornea autotransplant. It's the first time in the world

The man had lost sight in his left eye for 30 years and had been completely blind for 10 years. An operation at the Molinette in Turin, never done before, allowed him to recover his sight, reconstructing a sighted eye from two blind ones

 blind molinette The 83-year-old does not hold back his joy: 'It was like being reborn'

A man who has been totally blind for ten years has returned to seeing thanks to a surgery that has no precedent in the world and carried out at the Molinette in Turin: a corneal autotransplant made it possible to reconstruct a sighted eye from two blind ones.

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THE CASE - The 83-year-old patient suffered from two different pathologies, which put him at risk of rejection in the case of a donor transplant. From his left eye he hadn't seen for 30 years, from the right for 10. Professor Michele Reibaldi, director of the Molinette University Eye Clinic, explains to Tgcom : 'In a nutshell, due to retinal problems, the patient had irreparably lost the functionality of his left eye, while the right eye had maintained a recovery potential which, however, had proved to be in vain with traditional transplants. We decided to involve Professor Sarnicola because he is well known around the world for having proposed and implemented alternative techniques to traditional piercing transplants'. We are talking about Professor Vincenzo Sarnicola, one of the leading experts in corneal surgery. Thus, an autotransplant of a third of the left eye into the right was developed. And the patient came back to see. While the left eye was reconstructed with donor tissue, but only for aesthetic purposes.

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HOW TO BE REBORN - Two weeks after the operation, the patient was able to move independently again: 'When I woke up and began to see the outlines of my fingers and hand, it was like being born again'.

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