Twitch star MontanaBlack fulfills a fan's heart's desire - with a special message

  Twitch star MontanaBlack is soon making his way to one of his fans. Twitch star MontanaBlack is soon making his way to one of his fans. Bild: Screenshot / Twitch / MontanaBlack88

MontanaBlack has an ambivalent relationship with its huge fan base, but now the Twitch star has been celebrated for an action online. Marcel Eris, Monte's real name, has found it disturbing in the past, as Fans violated his privacy and showed up on his doorstep. Even if strangers ask him if he doesn't could borrow money , MontanaBlack does not always react very sensitively.

In mid-July, however, he watched a stream from 'Stern TV' about mothers who, sometimes unknowingly, during their pregnancy drank alcohol. The children suffered permanent damage and reported on their relationship with their mothers themselves.

Benjamin, who immediately liked Monte, stood out. A nice offer to the documentary protagonist is now turning into a larger campaign, which is also intended to result in a TV report with a deeper meaning.

MontanaBlack visits fan from 'Stern TV' documentary

Benjamin said in the post that he was not angry with his mother – she did not know at the time that she was pregnant with him and harmed him through her alcohol consumption without malicious intent. MontanaBlack's immediate reaction to his words in July was: 'Dear Benny, I find you very personable and I find your attitude towards your mother very exemplary. If you have any wish that I can fulfill you, I am happy to offer myself.'

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Now the network awareness picked up the topic again, because there was something to add: 'He expressed some wishes, 'SternTV' asked if I would like to visit him, so I said yes.' Benjamin lives a little outside of Berlin and he is in the capital more often now anyway. But that's not all:

''SternTV' also asked me if I would like to come straight to the studio. So I'm assuming there will be a contribution made in which I'll visit him. I agreed to that too.'

For the studio visit, it will also be late for Monte afterwards Cologne walk. He wanted his entire Energy on the dates to offer Benjamin 'the all-round carefree package', as he emphasized.

Twitch star wants to fight bullying with RTL appearance

And he also explained in more detail why the 34-year-old Internet star takes the trips. First of all, he stands by his word: 'Just the word I give to someone to whom we have reacted publicly. And for me it's like this: 'SternTV' is a show that I think is very cool.' He was already in February 2021 guest on the show , at the time for an interview that his Career had on the subject.

The associated TV report about Benjamin and his visit is also very important to Monte for another reason. 'The post will not only be about mothers drinking alcohol during their pregnancy, it's much more. It's about taking action against bullying. These children are bullied because of it, even though they can't help it.'

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He sees himself as a strong voice that has a lot of influence on young people. He now wants to use it wisely. In the past he has annoyed his friends, bullying in the school however, he never simply accepted:

'In class, however, I was always the one who stood up for people who were being bullied. I didn't tolerate bullying in my presence. That's why this whole issue is very important to me.'

To the objection of a fan in the chat, who had claimed that RTL would certainly pay him well for the appearance, Monte replied resolutely: 'RTL doesn't pay me any money at all for the TV appearance. If I got money, I would donate it immediately. I don't want to fill my pockets with such a topic.' Unlike his first 'Stern TV' appearance, this time he is also considering leaving his Birkenstock sandals at home - on the serious topic he would rather 'appear seriously'.

  MontanaBlack still wore sandals in the show with Steffen Hallaschka last year. MontanaBlack still wore sandals in the show with Steffen Hallaschka last year. Image: Screenshot / RTL / Stern TV

Monte cancels popular football tournament for fans

Keeping the appointment with Benjamin is even more important to MontanaBlack than at a popular indoor soccer tournament Influencer Participate in EliasN97, for which he has been asked. That would take place only a short time later in Munich. 'I'm in Cologne the day before and then flying to Munich the next day is just too much of a good thing Monte reasoned, affirming that Benjamin has a 'greater priority' in his planning.