Ukraine, Putin goes on TV: “300,000 reservists recalled. Every means to defend ourselves '

Russian president announces partial military mobilization. And he threatens: 'We also have nuclear weapons, it's not a bluff.' The speech marks a new escalation in the conflict. The US: 'A sign of weakness'

  Russian President Vladimir Putin televised address to the nation Vladimir Putin during the televised speech in which he announces the military mobilization Photo Video

It is the most important speech of Vladimir Putin, after the one on February 24 in which he announced the attack on Ukraine. The Russian president has started the partial military mobilization, with the call to arms of 300,000 reservists and once again moves the level of the dispute. - Photo | video

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NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL - The special operation, which now also for the Russians can be defined as a real war, enters another, very dangerous phase and the first reactions are all negative and worried. Putin appeared on TV justifying the escalation with the need to face the threat from the West which wants to 'weaken, divide and destroy Russia'. Arguments not dissimilar to what has been argued so far - it is not Russia that invaded Ukraine, but NATO and the West that endanger the integrity of the country of which, according to Putin's thesis, it is also a part in all rights. Ukraine. To this, in his awaited pre-recorded speech he arrived a day later than expected, with tones completely similar to those shown previously, the Russian president has raised the level of the clash with a new threat of recourse to the use of nuclear devices. 'We have many weapons to counter,' he told what he called 'nuclear blackmail' by the West. 'If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the military means at our disposal. Those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that we have them too. This is not a bluff ».

1 REFERENCE - The military of the reserve will be called back into service, that is, those who have already served and already have a minimum of preparation. The mobilization decree has already been signed. the 'initiatives' in application of the decree for the mobilization will begin 'from today'. The goal remains 'the liberation of the entire Donbass' and it is an 'unshakable' resolution, the Russian leader reiterated, although it was the turn of the Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, immediately after making his first admissions, defining the conditions on the field: «We are not fighting against Ukraine, but against the West». He also stops the will to continue with the referendums scheduled for 23 to 27 September in the annexed territories: Luhansk, Kherson, Donetsk and Zaporizhzhia. Areas that correspond to about 15 percent of Ukrainian territory and which in Moscow's projects would become Russian territory, justifying intervention against Ukrainian military action such as that of a foreign attack on Russia.

REACTIONS - Western reactions are harsh. The British Foreign Ministry called Putin's declaration a 'worrying escalation'. German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck spoke of 'a bad, wrong step'. The US ambassador to Ukraine called Putin's move 'a sign of weakness'. The Russian stock market, after the speech, recorded significant losses (up to -9.6%).