Ukraine, yellow on the 'dirty bomb'. The Kremlin: “Should Kiev use it? It would be an act of nuclear terrorism.'

Kiev ready to be inspected by the IAEA: 'We have nothing to hide'. For NATO, the 'absurd' thesis. The United States: 'We will not go to war with Russia.' Thirty Democratic deputies write to Biden pushing for diplomacy. Who really is Artem Uss, the Russian oligarch arrested and with interests in Italy

  Iranian Foreign Minister visits Moscow Sergej Lavrov, Russian foreign minister: 'We have concrete information about the 'dirty bomb' in Kiev' Photo Video

Yellow around the 'dirty bomb', that is contaminated by radioactive material, which, according to the Kremlin, Ukraine is ready to drop. From Kiev they say they have nothing to hide and are open to IAEA inspections. But Moscow claims to have concrete information and threatens: 'If they were to use it, we would consider it an act of nuclear terrorism'. The counter-offensive leads to the liberation of 90 localities in the Kherson region and 4 settlements in Donbass. Thirty Democratic deputies write to Joe Biden to ask him to change his strategy and focus on diplomacy. The case of the Russian oligarch Artem Uss, arrested at Malpensa, with interests in Italy. Zelensky: 'It will be the hardest winter for us.' - Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video4

Siberia, Russian military air precipitates its a house Siberia, Russian military aerial precipitates its a house

Putin's revenge for the Crimean bridge: raid on Zaporizhzhia residential districts - guard

THE SPORCA PUMP - The mystery surrounding the dirty bomb, i.e. contaminated by radioactive material, which would be available to the Ukrainians is growing: the Russians claim that they are ready to launch it on their own territory. On Twitter, Dmytro Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Kiev, writes: “In my telephone conversation with Rafael Grossi I formally called on the IAEA to urgently send experts to peaceful facilities in Ukraine that Russia deceptively claims are developing a bomb dirty. Unlike Russia, Ukraine has always been and remains transparent. We have nothing to hide.' Volodymyr Zelensky's denial also soon arrives: only Russia, he says, could use nuclear weapons in Europe. So he accuses Moscow of having already used 'phosphorus munitions' and 'prohibited landmines against civilian infrastructure'. And his first advisor, Mikhaylo Podolyak, launches the challenge in a tweet: “The appeals of Shoigu and Gerasimov, the statements of Lavrov and Peskov. Russia has launched an organized information campaign on the 'dirty bomb' to legalize its crimes. Action is more important than talking. Ukraine always keeps its doors open to IAEA inspections. Is Moscow ready for inspections?” NATO itself does not believe in the hypothesis at all. His secretary Jens Stoltenberg, in an interview with Politico Europe, says: “The accusation that Ukraine is preparing to use dirty bombs in Ukraine is absurd. What worries us is that this is part of a pattern that we have seen before from Russia – in Syria, but also at the start of the war, or just before the war started in February. That is, that Russia accuses others of doing what it intends to do itself”.

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WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE - But Moscow insists and the danger is considered 'real'. Sergej Lavrov, foreign minister, claims to have 'concrete' and 'double-verified' information. And he adds that their 'are not groundless accusations', so much so that he intends to raise the issue at the UN. The Chief of Staff of the Kremlin Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, also spoke about it with the British Chief of Defense Staff Tony Radakin. And in a letter to the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, the permanent representative of Moscow to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, points out that Russia 'will consider the use of a 'dirty bomb' by the Kiev regime as a act of nuclear terrorism'. The news is reported by Ria Novosti , who specifies that he was able to view the document.

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APPEAL TO DIPLOMACY - In the letter, Nebenzia adds: “Against the background of the anti-Russian propaganda campaign conducted by Western countries, we would like to emphasize that the Russian Federation did not intend and does not intend to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Neither the leadership of our country nor the Ministry of Defense have talked about the possibility of using such weapons'. With tensions skyrocketing, statements by US State Department spokesman Ned Price arrived in the evening: 'President Biden was clear: we will not go to war with Russia, but we will provide Ukraine with what it needs to counter the Russian aggression. We will do whatever it takes to support Kiev, whether through military assistance or sanctions.” On the other hand, a Washington official informs the agencies that the United States has no indication that Russia has decided to use nuclear weapons. An unexpected letter from 30 Democratic deputies then arrives to try to curb the escalation by the White House, who have written to Biden to change course in the strategy for Ukraine, suggesting a more energetic use of diplomacy, before finding himself faced with a long and tiring conflict.

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DIFFICULT WINTER - Also leading in the direction of an interminable war are the latest utterances by the vice president of the Russian Security Council Dmytri Medvedev, who on Telegram swears on the fact that the production of weapons in Russia is increasing, contrary to what is written 'in the analyzes of the enemies ”. And again: “Do not hope! The production of special weapons and equipment is on the rise, from tanks to guns, from missiles to high-precision drones. Russia Today in the meantime he suspended the anchorman Anton Krasovsky for his delusional statements in which he suggested 'drowning or burning Ukrainian children'. There is no need to stir up more hatred, not even for the Moscow media, above all because he simply justified himself like this: “Well, it happens. You're on the air, you let yourself be carried away and you can't stop. I apologize to all those who were amazed by this.' The Ukrainian counteroffensive continues to bear fruit. He writes the General Staff on Facebook: “Our troops pushed the enemy out of the settlements of Karmazynivka, Myasozharivka and Nevske in the Lugansk region and Novosadove in the Donetsk region”. In the Kherson region, 90 localities housing 12,000 people were liberated. And in the daily war bulletin, Kiev counts Russian losses since February 24: 67,940 men, 2,590 tanks, 5,295 armored vehicles, 1,673 artillery systems, 375 multiple rocket launchers, 189 anti-aircraft defense systems, 270 aircraft, 245 helicopters , 4,044 vehicles, 16 naval units and 1,370 drones. Nonetheless, the attacks on power plants and energy infrastructures are putting the country with its back to the wall. And Zelensky does not hide it in his usual evening video to the nation: 'This winter will be the most difficult in the history of Ukraine.'

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IRAN DENIES SALE OF DRONES - Nasser Kanani continued in vain to deny the sale of kamikaze drones to Vladimir Putin. Iran, he specifies, 'does not export weapons to one of the warring parties'. In his opinion, it is the United States and Europe that have 'stoked the flames' of war with 'provocative' actions and now 'accuse Iran of supporting a part of the conflict by spreading false information'. On the opposite front, the Ukrainian leader, convinced of the exact opposite, speaking via the web at the Conference on Democracy of Haaretz , the liberal Israeli newspaper, says Tehran would not have been able to sell those drones if Israel had not chosen to 'remain neutral in the conflict'.

THE RUSSIAN OLIGARCH - Finally, the arrest at Malpensa, on a US mandate, of Artem Uss, son of the governor of the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk, accused together with four other compatriots of evading sanctions and money laundering, holds the ground. According to the Brooklyn prosecutor's allegations, Artem would have recovered military technology from US companies, smuggled barrels of oil and laundered tens of millions of dollars for Russian oligarchs. As told by the Corriere della Sera , Artem would also own the Sardinian hotel Don Diego, formally owned by a fifty-year-old Russian, Orlova Liubov and a Cyprus company, Dunegenes Trading Limited, a financial company behind which the oligarch is said to be: it is a hotel with 50 rooms, swimming pool, tennis courts and private marina, with an average price of 200 euros. It changed hands in 2014 for 38% to Dunegenes, for just 3800 euros: a figure so small as to suggest that there are no known side agreements between the seller and the buyer.