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The intervention of the CDR on smart working and the response of RcsMediagroup

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TRADE UNION PRESS - Cairo dice NO allo smart working.
Agile working is a useful tool for any modern business. It increases productivity and competitiveness; makes employees more independent and responsible; helps the environment; finally, in a period of energy emergency, it allows important economic savings. It is no coincidence that all politics shows attention and a willingness to support the use of smart working.
Our editor, no. Urbano Cairo denies any possibility of recourse to agile work, even for employees with health and family problems, and has for months refused the start of a trade union confrontation. Yet, in the face of the Covid-19 emergency, in March 2020, journalists and journalists responded with responsibility and readiness to adapt to the request for a sudden change of organization by RCS Mediagroup, adapting to the remote working method without any repercussions on the creation of our newspapers, which went to newsstands on time, and on the constant updating of our sites.
This was the case until August 31st. From 1 September, everything has changed: the company has demanded a return to the editorial offices, refusing any discussion on agile work and also denying exceptions to workers with frail health or parents of young children. An incomprehensible and anti-historical position for a publisher who wants to be modern, innovative and “enlightened” in front of the market like Urbano Cairo.
Despite the rigidity and the closing attitude of the company, we remain convinced of the strategic importance, especially for RCS Mediagroup, of the use of smart working as a tool to be used with intelligence and flexibility, through an agreement that integrates it with the work in the editorial office in an articulation of the activity capable of generating further increases in productivity and economic savings. And we renew our request for the immediate start of a trade union confrontation for the rapid definition of a company agreement.

THE EDITOR'S REPLY - RCS has applied the smart working regime in these more than two years of the pandemic. With the end of the emergency period, returning to the company fully favors interaction between journalists in a model of community work that allows us to improve the editorial quality of our newspapers. The face-to-face work stems from a common feeling of the Directors and Managers of the entire company in agreement with the Publisher.
RCS confirms that cases related to health problems will be protected.

Source: oggi.it